District Countdown

District 73 may be Distinguished this Toastmaster year

Just like clubs, areas and divisions, Districts can aspire to be Distinguished.  This year District 73 is struggling to meet the criteria, but has a real chance to make Distinguished by the cutoff date of June 30.

For those who are interested, the table below sets out the situation current to June 7, 2010.  The figures are drawn from several reports published by World Headquarters.  You can view the latest summary report from World Headquarters.  At the bottom below you can see a part copy of the report distributed last Friday, June 4, but current only to May 31. However, please note that this published report is always out of date when it is actually published.  The date given is Friday, but it does not include awards and new members lodged on Friday.  My table includes member numbers from the Friday report, new clubs reported since then and member awards reported since then.

There are 4 criteria which all have to be met for the District to be Distinguished – the number of active clubs, member payments, Competent Communicator awards and Advanced Communicator Awards.

Clubs Member payments CC awards AC awards
Base July 1,2009 169 Base July 1, 2009 6806 CCs now 200 ACs now 98
Active now (June 7) 173 Payments now 6865 Goal for June 30 238 Goal for June 30 68
Paid now 170 Goal for June 30 6942
Goal for June 30 174
Status now Behind 4 Status now Behind 77 Status now Behind 38 Status now Ahead 30

You will note discrepancies between my table and the TI summary report below.  That is because I am using the up to date Educational achievements report and the New Clubs report.

It’s reassuring to see that District 73 is probably going to meet the 4 targets to be Distinguished.  There will be 3 new clubs chartered in WA alone in the next 3 weeks – Victoria Park, Bankwest and TEEM.  I’m informed that there will probably be 3 more in Victoria by June 30.  That will simultaneously meet the Clubs and Member payments targets.  On past performance, enough CCs will come in in the last 3 weeks to find at least 38 more.

It’s disappointing that the District has gone so close to failing to get there, after District Governor Damian Chong set his audacious “Exceed Expectations” motto for the year.  We look forward to incoming WA leaders – Lt Governor Education & Training Mark Richards and Lt Governor Marketing Ross Wilkinson – fashioning an effective method to see that in 2010/11, our last year in District 73, we will create a platform for outstanding District WA success in 2011/12.

If you have any comments on this report, or suggestions for Mark and Ross, add your ideas below or email me direct.

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
WA webmaster