Will your club be Distinguished this year?

The countdown to June 30

Toastmasters International encourages clubs to achieve their best through the Distinguished Club Program – usually abbreviated to the DCP.

There are 10 Goals to be aimed at.

You can view the 10 DCP Goals here.

Clubs are not classified as Distinguished in any way until the March Renewals have been entered. That has now occurred.

Where can you find information about your club’s progress?

World Headquarters publishes club results at the end of each week. Although they are dated to the Friday, they are really correct up to the close of business Thursday.

You can find the results for WA Clubs on this website. These are kept up to date day by day. Additional member awards are added to this display during the week. Go to DCP 07/08.

You may be interested to check another page which shows a list of all the Distinguished Clubs in District 73. Of course it is headed by WA Clubs. Go to DCP District 73 Leading Clubs.