Dentists at Toastmasters

No not a free dental check-up!

Nor a Dental Practionor’s Convention!

You guessed right! Toastmasters Speech contests!

At the Inner City Division final of the Humorous Speech contest in Perth last week there were chattering teeth and moulded masterpieces on display as the contestants took the audience on a deliriously funny diatribe of humorous speeches.

Four individual and original speeches that by chance painted word pictures and images of the dreaded ‘dentist’, and the fear that it evokes for many.   Even Mona Lisa was present to witness the event, that famous smile complete with casted dentures!

Contestants in their topics reminded us that time waits for no-one but waiting at the dentist seems to take for hours, the exclamation shopping with the ‘wife’ worse than a trip to the dentist captured attention;  and the theatrics of life kept the audience laughing and entertained throughout.

Congratulations to Thierry

Thierry Morel will represent the Division at the District 73 final in Perth, in May 2011.  I hope Thierry has a dental check-up prior to ensure he is remembered for his brilliant toothy smile.

Table Topics and the road more or less travelled.

Impromptu speaking with contestants leading the audience  a journey of life as they shared wisdom, insight and the bumps and breakdowns that many in the audience related to in someway.

Congratulations to David

David Cain will represent the Division at the District final in Perth in May 2011.

A picture paints a thousand words as you can see in the snapshots.

These were the contestants in the two contests.

Jennifer van den Hoek, David Cain, Jeremiah Hartmann, Thierry Morel, Bill Hewitt, Stuart Hoare, Bradley Triston, Robyn Bell

These were the contest officials.

Division Governor Kristin McIntosh, David Cain, Thierry Morel, Judge Beth Colegate, Judge Kristofer Hindge, Chief Judge & Lt Governor Education & Training (West) Mark Richards, Timer Allen Hahn and Sgt At Arms Leonor Ragan

Thanks to I40 Area Governor Robyn Lloyd for the story and the pictures.