DCP – the race to the top

Durack and Victoria Quay in friendly rivalry

The top award for Clubs in the Distinguished Club Program each year is Presidents Distinguished Club. To gain that prestigious award, Clubs must have 20 financial members and get 9 or 10 of the 10 Goals.

Right now, Durack, in Area P30 of Perth Division, and Victoria Quay, in Area W21 of Western Division are equal on 8 Goals. They are the only clubs in the District with this number of Goals. To get their 9th Goal, Durack need to register 2 more CCs – Competent Communicators. To get their 9th Goal, Victoria Quay need to register one more new member. For both, their 10th Goal will come when the Club Officer Training registrations are posted. They both have fulfilled at least 4 Officers at each of the two Training modules, but the formal registration will take a few weeks (or months!!).

Of course it is always possible that Fremantle Gateway will leap up from 7 Goals to 9 and pip Durack or Victoria Quay on the post. This isn’t a big deal. Toastmasters International doesn’t award First Place to any club. It’s what you’ve got to on June 30 which counts.

You can see all the Distinguished Club progress results for all WA clubs at DCP0708

Member Award Stories

We have a new page on the website which features members who have achieved an award this year. It’s just begun, so there is only one story there right now, but it will build up rapidly because we have lots of members working for and achieving their personal goals in WA.

Have a look at the Stories Page