DCP Roll of Honour 06/07

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WA is having an amazingly successful year, which was topped off at the District Council Meeting on Saturday, May 19 when Mike Helm DTM was elected District Governor for 2007/08.

In the Distinguished Club Program, the highest award possible is President’s Distinguished. This applies to Clubs, Areas and Divisions. When you look at the Awards below, keep in mind that outside the 35 Clubs, 8 Areas and 2 Divisions in WA, there are only 6 other President’s Distinguished Clubs, 2 President’s Distinguished Areas, 1 Select Distinguished Area and only 7 Distinguished Areas in the 103 Clubs, 22 Areas and 5 Divisions.

President’s Distinguished Division – Perth Division, Governor Mike Helm DTM
President’s Distinguished Division – Western Division, Governor Roy Miller ACB
President’s Distinguished Area – Area P30 in Perth Division, Governor Michael Malone ACG
President’s Distinguished Area – Area W21 in Western Division, Governor Mark Richards ACG
(Mark was also awarded Area Governor of the Year at the May Convention)

President’s Distinguished Club – Curtin 10 Goals, in W13, President Bill Hewitt ACB
President’s Distinguished Club – Rising Stars 10 Goals, in W13, President Bill Hewitt ACB
President’s Distinguished Club – Gateway 10 Goals, in W21, President Ross Wilkinson ACB
President’s Distinguished Club – Victoria Quay 10 Goals, in W21, President Lisa Cluett DTM
President’s Distinguished Club – Amity 10 Goals, in W21, President Sandra Hart CC CL
President’s Distinguished Club – Western Founders 10 Goals, in W28, President Sue Voloczi ACB
President’s Distinguished Club – Durack 9 Goals, in P13, President Glen Lewis ACB

Select Distinguished Area – Area P13 in Perth Division, Governor Bill Hewitt ACB
Select Distinguished Area – Area W16 in Western Division, Governor Jason Fewings ACS
Distinguished Area – Area P10 in Perth Division, Governor Glenis Nicholas DTM
Distinguished Area – Area W28 in Western Division, Governor Lynda t’Hart ACS

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