Distinguished Club Program

David Nicholas DTM maintains a regular update of Member Awards and Club progress in the Distinguished Club Program, abbreviated as the DCP.

Toastmasters International publishes the primary data on the web regularly, but it is in a form which is not easily accessible to most people. David extracts just the West Australian material and publishes that.

Click on the links in this section in the menu to the right to access the individual reports. For example, to check the latest report from World Headquarters about Club progress in the Distinguished Club Program, click on DCP 09/10. To check individual member awards, click on Member Awards 09/10. To look at the details of reports from previous years, click on the named link.

Public Speaking Award Stories

Members who have achieved personal awards have worked hard to get them. Often there is a story that goes with the award. I am inviting members who have achieved awards recently to submit me details for a story.

This is the text of the invitation:

Dear (member’s name)

I noted that your (award name) was posted on the Toastmasters International website on (date posted) for Club (club name).

The toastmasterswa.net website has a new section in which award recipients tell us the story of their award. I invite you to submit material for your story. The material can cover anything you think relevant, but these are some suggestions

For all awards

when did you start working for it?
how did the assignments help your personal development?
were than any particularly difficult skills to master? – what were they, and why?
how did your club recognise your achievement?

For Advanced speaking awards

Which 2 manuals did you work on?
Were there other requirements beside the speaking manuals?

For Leadership awards

For the CL, what did you find the most challenging section?
For the CL, what did you find the most valuable section?
For the ALB, what particular qualifications did you use?
For the ALS, did your qualifications include the earlier OCL or the CL and ALB?
For the ALS, tell us about your District Officer term and the Club you founded, or mentored, or coached

I hope you take up this invitation and email me your material. You can send me brief notes which I will write into a finished story, or a completed story. If you have a jpg picture of yourself I would like you to send it to me with your story notes so I can publish it. However it is perfectly OK not to have an accompanying picture.

Go to Award Stories to view the current stories in the archive.

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