District 73 to No.13 in the world

A stunning improvement this year

Yes, our District went from No.46 last year to No.13 of 85 Districts in the world in this year.

Congratulations to District Governor, Mike Helm DTM

Mike produced a stunning vindication of his very narrow victory in the Council vote at Fremantle in May 2007. Could the District be governed from Perth? Or would the administrative burden prove too much for the WA leaders – Governor Mike Helm, Treasurer Alan Smith, Secretary Jeanette Farrar and Parliamentarian David Nicholas? The results speak for themselves.

And we could have gone higher had there been more effort to get our Clubs Distinguished. Look for the analysis below.

WA led the way

The figures tell the story. Not only did we have Mike Helm, the first West Australian District Governor, leading the way, but our stunning score of New Clubs propelled us up into the top group of Districts. And where did they come from? WA of course. Here is a breakdown of club numbers, State by State.

Club Numbers Analysis by State 2007/08

State July 1, 07 June 30, 08 Net
South Australia 16 16 0
Tasmania 5 6 +1
Victoria 89 89 0
Western Australia 35 46 +11

The big points area for Distinguished District is in the net increase in Club numbers. That’s where WA led the way for District 73.

Points for Distinguished Clubs

This is where our District did very badly. There are 10 points available, but we got only 2. Here is a breakdown of where the Distinguished Clubs were located, Division by Division. Note that the Tasmanian Clubs are located within Metro Division, which is predominantly a Victorian Division. You won’t be surprised at the WA results.

Distinguished Clubs Analysis by Division 2007/08

State Division Clubs at July 1, 07 Distinguished Clubs
at June 30, 08
% Distinguished Clubs
SA Central 16 6 37%
Victoria Bass 15 5 33%
Eastern 11 5 44%
Metro 18 5 28%
Northern 18 7 39%
Ranges 16 5 31%
Southern 16 4 25%
WA Perth 18 9 50%
Western 17 11 65%
Totals 145 57 39%

What were the sources of the WA success?

Effective Leadership at the top

  • District Governor Mike Helm worked tirelessly to encourage our local leaders.
  • WA New Clubs Coordinator David Nicholas recruited an excellent team of motivated and innovative workers
  • WA Governors, a new concept in advanced clubs, developed by Mike and David, brought together each month key WA leaders.

Resourceful and distinguished work at every leadership level

  • Our Division Governors, Gil Alexander and Mark Richards were both President’s Distinguished and distinguished themselves by the amount of work they put in to lead their teams.
  • Our Area Governors We had 8 AGs. Michael Malone and Steve Barry achieved President’s Distinguished. Judith Allen was District Area Governor of the year.
  • Our New Club Founders 12 New Clubs were in one year! Lots of members worked to bring this about, and particularly the Club Founders

Persistent, effective work

At every leadership level there were willing and able workers. I will be publishing a brief history of the new clubs push early next week. Many members were involved.

What do we do now?

Our own District in WA

This was the first, highly successful year of our campaign to form our own District in WA. We need to reach a target of at least 60 clubs, with a powerful growth trajectory.

We grew last year

We put on 12 new clubs, grew from 35 to 46 clubs, and formed a third Division – Innercity has joined Western and Perth.

We aim to do better in 2008/09

  • We have 3 talented, hard working new Division Governors – Bill Hewitt in Perth, Ian Pickens in Innercity and Ross Wilkinson in Western.
  • We have 11 Area Governors determined to at least match the 2007/08 records.
  • We have a team of talented and proven successful new club founders and mentors

Look forward to another stunningly successful year.

David Nicholas DTM
WA Webmaster
WA New Clubs Coordinator

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  1. Avatar for Adrian Walker Adrian Walker says:

    Just readabout the success of district 73 and its fantastic. Haven,t been in Toastmasters WA long but really impressed with everyone from the ground up. The leadership all seem so friendly and helpfull.
    Postive and encouraging also.
    Been starting to get out and have a look at different groups and it really inspires me to see Toasties in action.
    Thanks heaps

    Adrian Walker

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