District 17 in July 2011

WA will be District 17

Toastmasters International has decided – we will be District 17 when we become a full District in our own right.

17? why not 88 or 89?

The most recent new District was 87, so with two new Districts coming onstream, we thought it would be either 88 or 89.  Not so.  We have been given 17 because District 17 in Montana, USA has been folded into District 78 which covers Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and northwest Minnesota.


Apparently, since we are in the “West” it was decided to give the previous number of the North Western State in the USA to us.

Who cares about the reason?

Mark Richards
Mark Richards DTM
Lt Governor
Education & Training

We have our number. From July 1, 2010 we will be functioning independently, the fourth Australia District, part of Region 12 of Toastmasters International. In the meantime, we will be preparing for the changeover, led by our current Lt Governor Education & Training (West) Mark Richards and Lt Governor Marketing (West) Ross Wilkinson. Elections for District 17 will be held in May, 2011 at the District 73 Convention being held in Perth.

A long journey coming to its destination

Quite a few people have been working very hard for the District WA project. At the last District Convention held in Perth in May 2007 then District Governor Geoff Morrissey moved and I seconded the resolution which set the process in motion.. The end of that project is in sight.

July 1, 2011 will be the beginning of a bigger project

It’s rather like a human birth. The child born from its mother was conceived well before the birth. We are coming out of District 73 and will need to grow and mature. Unlike human babies, we will need to be fully independent from the first day, with no parents to provide for us. We have just over six months to prepare for that full independence.

David Nicholas

Posted by David Nicholas DTM
WA Webmaster

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  1. Avatar for Bruce Hill Bruce Hill says:

    Hi everyone in the West.

    Following is an extract from the e-mail that I received from Toastmasters International this morning at 7:20am Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (I managed to keep this a secret until the “Announcements” item on the this afternoon’s District Council meeting) – for me this was truly the highlight of our one-day November Convention here in Melbourne today (and yes it RAINED in Melbourne today!):

    Dear Bruce,

    As you may be aware, the Executive Committee met earlier this week in Costa Mesa, California. In addition to reviewing the update/status report you provided to me at the end of September, one of the many agenda items discussed included the assignment of district numbers for those districts currently in the process of reformation.

    I am happy to report that the Executive Committee approved District 73’s request for the original number of 73 to stay with the current D73 “East” while the newly formed district in the “West” will become District 17. You are free to share this information with your members.

    Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

    I hope you have a great conference.


    Kristen Rolapp
    District Services Manager
    Toastmasters International

    So,congratulations to everyone in the West. You have worked so hard to achieve this wonderful outcome.

    Bruce Hill
    District Governor
    District 73
    Toastmasters: Achieving Greatness Together

  2. Avatar for Robyn Richards Robyn Richards says:

    What wonderful news from TMI! All the planning and preparation has come to fruition and every Toastmaster in Western Australia should be proud of our past & current leaders for their foresight, determination & courage to conquer this great achievement.

    It seems to have been such a long wait with much hard work leading up to this eagerly anticipated announcement but I beleive the true hard work & commitment begins now. We already are proving to be living up to the reputation of being the “Wild West” with our innovatinve approach to building our own District. Let’s all ride this bucking bronco with the gusto & grit of true pioneers.

    Yee Ha!

    Robyn Richards DTM
    Western Division Governor 2010-2011

  3. Avatar for John Palmer John Palmer says:

    It has finally happened – our own District. 17? What is special about 17? It is a prime number, the sum of its digits is a cube. Anything else?



  4. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:


    There are a few more mathematical curiosities about 17.

    Reverse it and you get another prime number. That characteristic is shared by a few others.

    There is 11 – that’s a bit of a copout.
    13 – 31
    17 – 71
    37 – 73
    79 – 97

    And that is the total set of two digit primes whose inverse is also a prime.

    11-11 – the sum of its digit is a prime
    13-31 – the sume of the digits is a square
    17-71 – the sum of the digits is a cube!!
    79-97 – the sum of the digits is a ?? what’s that – anyway it is 2 to the 4th power.

    only 37-73 misses out on some variety of a power. So, we had better abandon District 73 as mathematically poverty stricken.


  5. Avatar for Gawain Simpson Gawain Simpson says:

    It’s 1st of July. Where is the new District 17 website?

    • Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:


      Have a look at toastmastersd17.org

      By 10.15 am I should have the first blog story on the site. Please add your comment.

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