Vote at the District Council

Mike Helm, our Perth Division Governor, is standing for District Governor. See below to download his Flyer.

We have never had a West Australian as District Governor, the No.1 position in District 73. This is our opportunity to elect a West Australian to this important position.

The election will be held on Saturday afternoon, May 19, at the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle. The meeting starts at 3pm and the election for District Governor is the first item of business after the meeting has opened. Delegates have to be officially registered before the meeting, so it’s important to be there by 2.30pm or have registered earlier in the day.

Who can vote?

Each Club is entitled to two votes. The President and the Vice President Education have a vote each. If one of them only attends, he or she has an automatic entitlement to a proxy from the other, and so has two votes. If neither can attend, they can proxy their votes to a current member of the club.

It is important that we have all our Clubs represented at the meeting, and that we have all our voting entitlement present.

Area Governors have an additional vote as District Officers. They can also exercise Club votes, and so can have up to 3 valid votes. But they must attend to exercise the District Officer vote – that can’t be proxied.

Why should we vote for Mike Helm?

Mike is highly qualified for the top leadership position in the District. Read the Mike Helm Flyer

District 73 has been in existence for over 50 years and there has never been a West Australian as District Governor.

The District Council is usually held in Melbourne where our votes are swamped by the Victorians. There won’t be another District Council Meeting in Perth for 4 years. This is our opportunity to elect a highly qualified West Australian to the top position.

What should you do to help Mike be elected District Governor?

If you can make it, attend the Council Meeting on Saturday afternoon, register in time and cast your vote(s) for Mike.

If you and your fellow Vice President Education or President can’t attend, make certain that another member does attend and carries your proxies. Download the Proxy Form, fill it in and give it to the member.

If you want more information

Email or ring Mike Helm on 0419 962 394