Club Officer Training for 2007/08

There are two very good reasons for Club Officers to attend the training provided in WA.

The first is that everybody needs help in taking on a new role, and the training is designed to do just that. Yes, there are excellent manuals, and yes, there will be help provided by your Area Governor. But the training sessions are a valuable and a vital part of preparing for your role.

The second is that Toastmasters has a plan for success for your club. It is called the Distinguished Club Program, or abbreviated as DCP, with 10 Goals for your Club to aim for. One of those goals is for Officers attending training. At least 4 Officers have to attend both sessions of training – the current one in July and the second round next February.

There are two sessions in July. The first has already been conducted. It was at the Palm Centre in Subiaco on Saturday afternoon, July 7. There is another session coming up on Thursday evening, July 26th. It will be held in the Fremantle Bowling Club, 6 Ellen Street, Fremantle. It will be run from 6.00 for a 6.30 start to 9.30 pm, with an attractive supper. If Officers couldn’t make it to Subiaco, they have a second chance in Fremantle. The training is the same for both sessions.

If you want more information, email David.