Club Officer Training Feb 2009

Two main sessions

There were two major sessions of Club Officer Training in February. As well there were some supplementary sessions for country clubs at Kalgoorlie, Albany and Margaret River.

To see the posted results of attendance by Club Officers, go to the DCP page.

The Saturday afternoon session, Feb 14, 2009

Bill HewittBill Hewitt

You can view a report on the first session at Club Officer Training Feb 14 2009

Thanks to Bill Hewitt who prepared the Saturday report.

The Thursday evening session, Feb 19, 2009

58 Toastmaster Club Officers attended the Thursday evening session at the Fremantle Bowling Club.

Western Division Governor Ross Wilkinson

Ross Wlkinson Ross Wilkinson

Ross welcomed Officers to the training session. He compared the varying leadership opportunities in Toastmasters to the range of food available at a Smorgasbord. He narrated his personal progress in Toastmasters from his first visit, in this very room, to Gateway Toastmasters when Steve Barry welcomed him and persuaded him to join. Since then he has had various Club Officer roles, has been Area Governor and now is Western Division Governor.

It has been an exciting ride for Ross and he urged everybody present to seize the opportunities offered for leadership training, and particularly to think of a Division role, either as Area or Division Governor.

District 73 Public Relations Officer Mark Richards

Mark Richards Mark Richards

Mark’s role is to publicise Toastmasters across the whole of District 73. To this end he has appointed Public Relations Officers to assist him across the District. There are 2 in Victoria, 1 in South Australia and 1 in Western Australia. The Western Australian is Robyn Richards!

Club Websites Robyn has been very active in encouraging our WA Clubs to have effective Club Websites. Several have set up new sites, using the Free Toast Host facility through World Headquarters. Other clubs have been helped to bring their existing sites up to date. If you want help to set up a site, or to bring your current one up to date, contact Robyn.

Membership problems Clubs which are having problems with low membership can get significant financial help from District 73. Each Area Governor has a fund of $1,000 to be used for membership building. Mark identified 6 Areas in WA which have such clubs. He invited Area Governors to put together a proposal and submit it to him. He promised quick action to get the money spent in this financial year.

District WA This is an exciting project. We have a real opportunity to split away from Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia and form our own District. Then District Contest finals would be held here in Perth instead of us having to fly to Melbourne, Adelaide or Hobart. Mike Helm is the Coordinator of the Reformation Committee set up to handle this project. Mark is on the Committee, together with David Nicholas. David has posted a webpage which explains the process and where we are up to. Check it out at District WA.
Changeover Dinner Mark urged Officers to look ahead to the Changeover Dinner to be held at the end of June. There will be awards for all Divisions for outstanding members, clubs and officers.

Innercity Division Governor Ian Pickens

Ian Pickens Ian Pickens

Ian conducted a Forum dealing with finding new members and servicing existing members.

Recruiting new members The group put together a range of recruiting methods which included effective websites, word of mouth with friends and work colleagues, speechcraft courses, letter drops and flyers on library and shopping centre notice boards.

Handling visitors We put effort into discussing how to get visitors to join our clubs. Subjects covered included the welcome at the door and in the meeting, name badges, buddies to sit with them, a visitors book for contact details and careful follow up. It is an effective approach to offer visitors the opportunity to join when they first visit.

Club Coach Coordinator Jeanette Farrar

Jeanette FarrarJeanette Farrar

Jeanette compared the role of a doctor helping patients improve their health to that of a Toastmaster Club Coach. A Club Coach comes in to make a diagnosis, to provide tools and to support the existing members as they work to build up the club. She told of her experience as Coach at Central Communicators.

Prerequisites The club will have 12 or less members. The Coach will not be a Club member before being appointed, though they usually join after the appointment.

The role A Club Coach is a facilitator, hwlping with team building. The Coach shares expertise, using people skills to encourage current members along successful paths. The Coach is investing in the future of Toastmasters.

W21 Area Governor Pascale Amberville-Colby


Pascale facilitated a combined session with 3 minute 30 seconds presentations for the 7 Officer Roles
Presidents: Robyn Richards
VPs Education: Jeanette Farrar
VPs Membership: Steve Barry
VPs Public Relations: Diana Veitch
Treasurers: Alan Smith
Sgts-at-Arms: Mark Richards
Secretaries: Pascale himself


Ross enlisted willing helpers to serve up the sumptuous supper

W28 Area Governor Sue Voloczi

Sue VolocziSue Voloczi

Sue focussed our attention on District 73 functions.

The District Executive Meeting This will be held in Perth on the afternoon of March 21st. District Governor Bernard Marmion will be here for the meeting. She urged Area and Division Governors to attend.

The District Convention This will be held at Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills from Friday, May 22, to Sunday, May 24. There will be an exciting program with 4 sets of contests, keynote speakers and the very important Council Meeting. Toastmaster World President Jana Barnhard will be there, there will be social visits and the Saturday night Costume Ball. Sue urged us to book soon – the Early Bird Registration for the whole convention costs only $230. Good accommodation is still available in Hahndorf. Air fares are amazingly low at present.

District Parliamentarian David Nicholas

David NicholasDavid Nicholas

David presented an update on the DCP – the Distinguished Club Program. He handed out a display of the DCP for WA Clubs, current to the previous evening. He keeps the DCP update on the Toastmasters WA website. You can visit it at any time to see your clubs progress, and your member awards. Go to the DCP page

District WA David emphasised the importance of our WA Clubs achieving Distinguished status this year. Our submission to World Headquarters is based on three important points

  • The geographical distance problem
  • Our rapid growth in clubs and members
  • The strength of our club leadership

We need as many clubs as possible to be Distinguished to show that leadership strength.

Area Council Meetings

Officers gathered in their Areas with Area Governors. They updated progress from Competitions already held, and plans for future Contests. As well they discussed individual Club progress in the DCP in detail.

Meeting close

Our 3 Division Governors wrapped up a very successful training session
Innercity: Ian Pickens
Perth: Bill Hewitt
Western: Ross Wilkinson

David Nicholas

Report prepared by David Nicholas
WA Webmaster