Contests – International and Evaluation

Lodge your International and Evaluation Contest dates on the Calendar

Club, Area and Division Contests will be held in the next three months, leading up to the District Contests at Perth in May.

There is always a scramble to find enough Judges for the Area Contests from outside the particular Area, and often for the Division Contests as well.  It is a great help to all concerned to have accurate information about the dates of other Area and Division finals.

Email me your Contest Date

As soon as you have consulted with your Clubs for Area finals or Area Governors for Division finals, send me the details so I can enter them on the Calendar.  Please send me these details:

    Title (like Area W16, or Western Division)
    Location (like Bullcreek Community Centre, Crn Hassell & Leichhardt Sts)
    Start time
    End time

Thank you to Western Division Governor Robyn Richards for her Division and Area Contest details and to P30 Area Governor Lynne Brighton for her Contest details.

Club Contest details are not displayed

Sorry about that. There isn’t enough space to display the 56 Clubs as well as our 21 Areas and 3 Divisions.

Area and Division Governors – please send me your Contest details in the very near future.  Best is to email them to David – – or you can phone me.

David Nicholas DTM
WA Webmaster
0401 011 212