Community Clubs Check List

I’ve prepared a web page which sets out fairly comprehensively the various steps you can take when you set up a new Community Club.

You will find it at Community Clubs Check List

I will appreciate any suggestions you might have to improve it. You can post them below.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

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  1. How’d you like to add this to the District Members site – or I can do it for you.

  2. Avatar for Eric Davies Eric Davies says:

    There are some good ideas in David’s list, which I would support.

    I also suggest the prospective club have a website. We did this in starting the Kalgoorlie club and it proved to be highly effective. The site can contain much more information than a pamphlet as well as up-to-date information. I suggest that the site be up and running at least six weeks before the demonstration meeting so that it is listed on Google before the pamphlet drop.

    Check out the successful Kalgoolie pamphlet here.

    I have a few other random suggestions:

    1. Make the name of the prospective club the same as the suburb, at least initially, so that anybody Googleing Toastmasters or ‘public speaking’ and the suburb will find the site. It is easier than keying in an address off a pamphlet.

    2. Avoid the temptation to say we are ‘trying to set up a Toastmasters club….’ A more positive phrase is ‘Toastmasters is coming to….’ or ‘….. will soon have a Toastmasters club.’

    3. Keep the headline on the pamphlet very short. Experts recommend a maximum of seven words but the fewer the better. The headline we used very successfully in the Kalgoorlie pamphlet was ‘Public Speaking? …… easy!’ with a subheading ‘(When you learn how)’. A three worded headline like that will capture attention in less time than it takes to bin the pamphlet, seven words probably won’t.

    4. Have a picture of a happy face on the pamphlet, it is human nature to look at faces.

    5. Justify your text on the left. It is much easier to read because eyes don’t have to find the beginning of the next line.

    6. Encourage people to join straight after the demonstration meeting. An effective sales pitch is to say, ‘We have set the joining fee for tonight at $.. because that is the bare minimum to cover affiliation fees. The people who join tonight will elect an interim committee that will set the future joining fee and that is sure to be more expensive because it will have to cover running costs’. Everyone likes a bargain.

  3. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:


    There are some very helpful ideas in your post. I have added the Kalgoorlie Flyer to the page.

    I am particularly taken with your suggestion that very early on a club website needs to be set up, so it can be identified on the Flyer. I am exploring solutions to this. To get a FreeToastSite it is necessary to have a Club Number and this is only given after the Application to Organise has been registered. I am checking out the use of Google Sites which does offer a free immediate access website.


  4. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    What a fantastic way for someone who has never started a club before or has had little experience, to check off each step along the way to starting a new club.
    The way that each step has been detailed makes it all that more easier to start a new club and take the big step towards your DTM, Presidents Dist Area or Division.
    Well done David, let’s spread the word how easy it is to start new clubs.

    Mark Richards
    LGM District 73

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