Use Publicity to get new members

Does your club have less than 20 members?

20 members minimum is the target Toastmasters International sets as the operational level for successful Toastmaster clubs. If you have less than 20, then your members are not getting the full benefit of their membership.

How can you recruit several new members in one campaign?

There are long term methods which really work – an active website is the best. But that takes time to kick in. You want something that will generate 5 or 6 new members in a 3 month campaign. This is the way it works.

Run a community based publicity campaign

This campaign style is based on the method developed by Mark Richards DTM in the chartering of Canning Vale Toastmasters. For his method for new clubs go to Publicity for New Clubs 

There are several important stages. Check them out.

Get your funding in place

You are going to need money – it took about $800 to set up Canning Vale. $800 – can your club afford it? Yes it can, with help, which is readily available. You will have to work for it, but you can generate that kind of money for such a purpose. For ideas, and help, go to Finding marketing funds in WA Toastmasters

Set a date for the Demonstration meeting

You are going to run a Demonstration meeting at your club, at its usual venue, on the usual day and time.

  • Not too soon, because you need time for the publicity.
  • Not too far away, because your helpers will grow tired of waiting.

Recruit your team of helpers.

You will need club members to fill the usual Toastmaster meeting roles, like Sergeant at Arms, Toastmaster, Table Topics Master, Table Topics Evaluator, Speakers, Evaluators, Timer, and, very importantly, Workshop Presenters.

  • Have 2 speakers – it is best if one is a fairly inexperienced rookie and one is experienced
  • Have 2 five minute Workshops from 1 or 2 different presenters. The Workshops should be about basic skills, and involve audience participation.

Market your meeting

  • Mark and Robyn used professionally printed flyers which they letterboxed.
  • Ask for a phone response so you have an idea of how many will turn up.
  • Contact a reporter from the local newspaper – provide some preliminary information to get them intereste

Have a look at the Canning Vale Flyer

Make the demo meeting the best and liveliest meeting you can.

  • Involve your audience by showing them some basic speaking skills in an interactive workshop – get them to stand up, show them good stance, where to put their arms and hands, and eye contact.
  • Get them involved in table topics.
  • Have a demonstration Icebreaker
  • Have a question and answer session at the end.

Have a look at the Demonstration Meeting Agenda

Sign them up!

Yes, invite them to join the club.  Get them to fill in the New Member Application Form.  If they don’t have the money, which is likely, still get them to fill in the form, and arrange to collect the money at the next meeting.

Keep a record of everyone who attended

Get their phone #s and email addresses so you can follow them up, and invite them to attend further meetings.

It works for others. So give it a go.