VP Education

Vice President Education

Contributed by Martin Lindsay, 2010 Area P30 Governor martin.lindsay@csbp.com.au Day: 9411 8819 Mob: 0402 823 351

The VPE is The most important role in the club, you are responsible for making sure that club members’ educational needs are met

READ THE MANUAL! It is comprehensive and well written.

Assess individual member’s needs and the club DCP goals

  • Ambitions – what level do they aspire to this year?
  • Pace – How quickly do they want to progress?
  • Readiness – How ready are they for that next speech, role?
  • Encourage, coax, challenge, push them to set goals and achieve stretch targets
  • DCP goals – How are you going to make sure your club is Distinguished?

Assign meeting roles and plan ahead. Some clubs plan 3-5 meetings ahead, some plan 6 months ahead, a lot will depend on the culture of your club. When planning ahead, take account of the requirements for the advanced manuals. Some of these speeches require longer times, even the whole meeting, so work with the club member and schedule them in over the year.

How do you keep track of meeting roles and future assignments?

Use of an Excel spreadsheet is common, these are simple to set up and update, and easily transferrable to your successor.

Club Scheduler – this is excellent software, written by a Toastmaster for Toastmasters. There is some setting up to do but it is well worth it. It is flexible, comprehensive, produces nicely formatted reports, and can save transfer or backup files. It is well worth a look. See http://clubscheduler.com for details.

Remember to continually update and re-schedule as members availability changes

Work with the assigned Toastmaster to ensure all roles covered – who does the follow-up and finds replacements when necessary? Who produces the meeting agenda? Delegate these tasks to the Toastmaster, use your resources and encourage them to develop their leadership skills.

Keep Track of members’ progress There are charts available from TI that help to track members’ progress in the CC and CL manuals. Register your members awards on the TI website as soon as they are achieved, celebrate your members successes.

Promote and encourage use of the CL manual for meeting roles. It’s like having reward points for loyalty shopping, your club members are doing the roles anyway so they may as well get credit for them.

Conduct workshops, or ask your Area Governor to conduct them:

  • Successful club series
  • Better speaker series
  • Contest Judging
  • The DCP

Contribute to Club Executive, Area council, Attend and vote at District Council. You represent your club, so ask the members what they want, and vote for your club members.

Organise and conduct club contests

As VPE, you need to ensure that club contests are run according to the TI rules. You can delegate the role of organising, or conducting the contests, but it is your responsibility. Fortunately there are resources available to help, contest guides, scripts and judging forms are available on the ToastmastersWA website here.

Recruit your successor and train them to take over

Spend some time with your successor to effectively hand over your systems for keeping track of progress, future assignments, contest manuals and accumulated wisdom.

You will be busy and you will have setbacks, last minute cancellations and double bookings. Live with it, learn from it and network with your fellow VPE’s. Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and keep the impetus for educational goals foremost in your club.

Martin Lindsay