Treasurer Help

Help for Treasurers

General Suggestions

Read the Manual – Toastmasters International provide an excellent training manual
Your role is to handle the Club’s financial records
Find your replacement and help train them
If you hope to make changes to the way the Club handles fees, discuss your ideas with other officers before you put a proposal for decision.

Specific ideas which might help

Renewal Fees

Set a membership fee for all members which includes regular expenses such as venue rent and supper expenses.  Do not collect meeting fees from those who attend.
If you charge a fee each meeting to those who attend, then they are forced to subsidise the non-attenders for the other club expenses like venue hire.
Collecting the money each meeting and keeping careful records is very time consuming.  A composite fee for the whole 6 months is much more efficient.

New Member Charge

Make the charge for new members a figure which includes a joining fee and the full six month membership fee.  Then adjust their next Renewal fee to take account of a credit they may have because of the month they joined.
For example, assume your 6 month Member Fee is $90 and the joining fee is $30
A new member joins in February
Charge them $120 which is $90 + $30
In March when Renewals are due and renewing members pay $90, charge the new member $30, which is 2/6 of $90 – $15 a month for 2 months.


Keep your records on a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.


Get online access to the account so you can regularly monitor transactions without having to wait for a monthly statement to arrive in the post.  Encourage your members to use EFT for their Renewals payments.  You don’t have to go to the bank to lodge cheques or cash.

Check the webpage

How to pay fees online