How to pay fees to World Headquarters

Do it online

This is the simplest and most effective method.  It needs an officer who will use their credit card facility to pay the fees and then be reimbursed by the club.  It is very difficult to pay directly from the club’s bank account.

You need the Club’s number and password

Each club has a number.  If you don’t know it, you can find it on the DCP webpage.  Look for your club name.  The number will be next to it.

Go to the Club login page.  You can use the link provided here. The web address is
You will see a page which looks like this

You will see that you need the club number and the Password.  If you don’t know the Password, ask the other officers.  Usually one of them knows.  If you can’t find it that way use the facility on the page itself – “If you have forgotten your password click here”  When you click on it you will see a page which looks like this

You will need your Toastmasters member number.  If you don’t know it, look on the next Toastmaster Magazine wrapper.  It will be there with your name and address.  It is also possible that your VP Education knows it.

Once you have your club number and Password you can log in to the Club’s page.  It will look something like this

TI-Club-PageNow you can use the various facilities available from this page, including making payments to World Headquarters.

If you would like more help, contact your Area Governor or me.

David Nicholas DTM –
0401 011 212