Club Officer Training at Fremantle in February

Mike HelmOver 30 Toastmasters attended Training on Thursday evening, Feb 8 at the Fremantle Bowling Club.

Perth Division Governor Mike Helm (pictured left) organised the Training which was hosted by local club Victoria Quay.

Mike focussed the evening’s work on marketing at the club level. He recruited an outside expert with experience in print and TV journalism.

There was a panel of successful Vice Presidents Membership. There were group discussions of what to do at the club level. And much more.

You can read a full report of the training session.

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  1. Avatar for Hannes Hannes says:

    Just a small clarification. I believed I (Hannes Barnard) said that Rising Stars recruited 8 new members since our demonstration meeting in September and that there is 13 others which I belive may join in the next couple of months.

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Thanks Hannes.

    I have made that correction.


  3. Avatar for Lisa Lisa says:

    Speaking of new members – is there a way of determining whether new members have been ‘registered with TMI? The way that the Educational awards are listed by TMI on their website is so clear – is there anything like that where I can see if new members have been counted yet?

  4. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Lisa, there are two ways of checking this. One is simple and the other takes a bit of digging.

    The simple way is to wait until Saturday of each week, and check the District Reports. If you don’t already have the link it is at
    On the left hand side of the page click on the second report down – Distinguished Club Program by Division / Area. Now navigate to your club – in your case Lisa it is almost at the end of the reports – Club 5769 in Area W21 of Western Division. There you will find the number of members currently registered by Toastmasters International.

    The second way is to go to the Club Business portal – this is a mouthful –

    You will need your Club number – in your case 5769 and the Password – ring me if you haven’t got it.

    You will see a list of links, including See my club’s membership roster
    See a list of your club’s current members.

    If you check this list during the week, the new members will not be counted in the earlier report until the end of the week – after 9am on Saturday morning.

    I hope that helps. You can ring me for further clarification. 9457 6468

  5. Avatar for Lisa Lisa says:

    I see! I knew I could go in and see the NUMBER of members in my club but I was after a way of seeing the NAMES of who was being counted. And now I have it – thanks!

  6. Avatar for Lynda t'Hart Lynda t'Hart says:

    Hi David, Do you have all the information you need now to get the convention fundraiser quiz night onto the website? I have had a peek around, but can’t find it anywhere. Cheers, Lynda

  7. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Hi Lynda.

    It is there now. Look at the Menu on the Right Hand Side, find Blog Categories and click on Convention 2007. You will find a link there to your excellent Flyer.


  8. Avatar for Bill Hewitt Bill Hewitt says:

    I collected al the team comments, see below:

    1. Bookmarks – advertising TM
    2. Talk to HR Manager, Chamber of Commerce Associations ….
    3. Speak at other Conferences.
    4. Leaflet drop – Local Businesses etc.
    5. Demonstration meetings.
    6. Local Newspapers (Community).
    7. Bring-a-friend meeting.
    Table 5 Think Tank

    Visitor Pack
    Welcome letter
    Leg form. Agendas, Fee Structure
    News etter.

    Contact Past Members
    Contact around
    Social Events Xmas ext birthday
    Point of Contact
    Card phone call

    Likes tree idea
    Business Gov. Com. Education.
    Show case night
    Demonstration meeting

    Member Participation
    Word of mouth
    Restaurant nights
    Social functions
    In addition

    Work Mates
    Bring guests
    Fun meeting
    Speech Athon
    BYO Dinner

    Karaoke, Bingo
    Social Events outside of normal events
    Advise visitor of other clubs and meeting time
    There is a club to suit you.

    Young Guns Club
    Meet access centre
    Make contact at local Business Centre
    Email people
    Corporate Sector.

    1. Up to date WEB
    a. Photos
    b. Meeting info
    c. Milestones
    d. Check if your web can be found – share links
    e. David set minimum criteria

    2. Events
    a. showcase
    b. shopping centre
    c. wine appreciation
    d. social events (Make a scene)

    3. Encourage members to multiply/expertise

    4. Retain members
    a. Love your members as they love you.

    Good WEB sites
    • Great content
    • Current
    • Photos
    • Calender
    • Meeting dates – where, time
    • The words “Public Speaking” for the searches
    • Contacts – phone, email

    Different challenges for Different groups
    Time Challenges

    Maintaining Members
    • Fun meetings – uplifting
    • Don’t forget members that have gone – invite to events
    • Keep them involved – use experience

    Happy to get feed back to help TM grow!! Well done to all involved with COT.


  9. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Thanks for all the detailed discussion Bill. There are many good ideas here

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