Cliff Boer Workshop

Who is Cliff Boer?

Cliff Boer

Cliff Boer is a professional speaker and a World Speech Contest finalist. He is an experienced Toastmaster, though currently he isn’t attached to any Club. He presented the first Toastmasters Advanced Speechmaking Workshop on Saturday, 3rd October.

Organised by Innercity Division Governor Gawain Simpson, over forty Toastmasters gathered at the Hamersley community Hall for 6 hours of engaging, entertaining and participatory activities designed to introduce both new and experienced Toastmasters to a range of skills not usually presented at club meetings. As well as offering a chance at networking and getting to know one another, the workshop was a secure place to try out some new skills under the direction of Cliff Boer’s tireless and energetic leadership.

There is a Gallery of pictures from the event below.

Keeping members engaged

“Toastmasters has always had the challenge of keeping toastmasters interested in staying with their clubs,” Cliff said. “There’s an influx of membership coming in.. .and a haemorrhage at the other end as members leave once they’ve accomplished their goals and there’s nowhere else to go. This is an endeavour to keep existing members interested by expanding their range of presentation techniques and encouraging them to push the envelope on their own performance.”

Skills development

The workshop was an exercise in developing skills that are used by presenters, actors and professional speakers to enhance their presentations. Because there are no formal constraints such as time keeping and formal evaluation which are necessary at club level, participants were able to spend more time exploring various approaches to speech presentation that are not generally available within the structure of the Toastmaster meetings.

One of the new skills involved making an image or mind map of your speech which eliminates the need to hold papers and palm cards.

We also learnt first-hand how the visual aspects and body language of the presenter have a profound effect on the way audiences receive a presentation.

Thanks to Cliff and Gawain

Between them both, Cliff Boer and Gawain Simpson put together a workshop that was dynamic, informative and fun-filled, and which left the participants eager not only to learn more, but to make sure these types of workshops become a regular feature of Toastmasters.

The next Workshop?

Volunteers are already getting together to organise the next workshop.

If you are interested in taking part in the next workshop or would like to be part of the organising group, please email Gawain at

5 Responses to “Cliff Boer Workshop”

  1. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    I enjoyed this workshop enormously and Cliff imparted his wisdom so willingly. We all learnt a trick or two or gained a new exercise or three to take back to our clubs. If you missed it, Cliff will be back and a special thanks to Gawain and Dani. I helped Dani catch a fish and we didn’t say a word. This was all part of the theatre sports!!! We laughed, learned and we were fed!!! The theme may have been “Think outside the square”. The purpose was to learn and have fun and my guess is all attendees did so

    Thanks Cliff!!

  2. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    What a great workshop organised so well by Gawain and Dani. It was the best value for $25 I have had in a long time. Cliff is a true professional with a personal touch. Besides the breaks, he had us involved, interested and inspired throughout the day. There were heaps of take aways in relation to Public Speaking, Entertaining and Motivation which really made it very worthwhile. Even going through my notes after the workshop was so useful and uplifting. If you want to keep up your edge as a professional speaker, I highly recommend any of Cliff’s future workshops. Well done Gawain and Dani for the yummy catering too and sincere thanks to Cliff who is passionate about giving back to Toastmasters.



  3. Avatar for Gretta Gretta says:

    This was a fun day & such good value. Cliff was an entertaining presenter and I picked up heaps of tips whilst meeting fellow Toastmasters from other clubs. The time flew past & I will certainly be attending any future workshops. Thanks to Gawain & Dani for organising the day.

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