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What’s that, you might say? Wasn’t that something Kevin Rudd used for his election campaign? Or was that MySpace? Anyway, what are they?

Facebook is a networking opportunity, a rapidly growing Internet facility to link people with shared interests, tastes and needs. So, it is an opportunity we can use to publicise the benefits of Toastmasters to potential new members.

The CEATS Group or Team Toastmasters @ Central TAFE

This is a group of 3 students – Melanie, Caitlin and Alisha – from TAFE who opted to study marketing on a practical level by preparing a Business Plan to market Toastmasters in WA to Generation Y, the 18-35 year olds in our community.

Presentation to WA Governors

The CEATS group presented to WA Governors at their December 13 meeting. There was a video and an oral presentation. It was an eyeopener to WA Governors members, most of whom do not belong to Generation Y, born between 1975 and 1991. Generation Y people are different from those before them, so we need to market ourselves in appropriate ways to interest them in our product.

Generation Y – what are they like?

Generation Y are the most connected generation in history – connected to each other, the ‘system’ and the market. Think of the saturation of the internet and mobile phones, the power of virtual marketing and the proliferation of consumer blogs. The more communicative the technology (the faster, easier and cheapter it connects people, the more popular it is with Gen Y – just look at the growth of the internet and mobile phones.


Ceats proposed that we set up a sub-group of Toastmasters in WA named “ichat” They have designed us a snappy logo. Potential customers are 18-35 year old students at TAFE or universities wanting to develop their communication skills and help with their career prospects, and also young professionals who wish to improve their skills to get ahead in the work force.

What’s in it for us?

Each Perth club will have the chance to run an “ichat” session each month over a 3 month period. During the events, potential “recruits” will have the opportunity to interact with members of Toastmasters, whilst learning about the organization and creating networks.
This will be done in the form of speed networking with the event set out so that people will have the opportunity to sit down at their screen for a set time and interact with other guests and members and participate in group activities whether word games or presentations on a specific topic.


Facebook will be used to promote the product by sending “ichat” applications to potential members. Users will be able to add the “ichat” application and connect to people wioth the same interests. This will lead to brand awareness and link them to the “ichat” website where they can access information regarding Speed Networking.

Where to from now?

Some of the WA Governors members are studying the Business Plan prepared by Caitlin, Melanie and Alisha. We will be consulting further with the CEATS group to plan how to take advantage of their proposals. In the meantime, if you have further ideas or suggestions on this marketing approach, please add your comments below so we can all benefit from them.

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  1. Avatar for Lynda t'Hart Lynda t'Hart says:

    At the convention in Lilydale, it was mentioned that toastmasters distric 73 now has a facebook page with the name taswasvic in it. I’ve tried searching for it with little result. Can this page be updated on the latest developments in this area? Perhaps a link would be useful? I’m really curious about it and not quite as computer literate as some, so need a bit of a helping hand. Thanks, Lynda

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    I’ll follow this up, Lynda. Ian Murray, the new District 73 Webmaster, has set up taswasavic. Note the different spelling, which might help you find it. I’ve joined it, but I haven’t activated my membership yet. I will get Ian to post a reply.

  3. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    I have joined it Lynda. You just put taswasavic in the search for friends section to find it.

    Mark Richards.

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