Cannington Communicators has chartered

Club 1150233 in Area W28 of Western Division

Yes, it went up on the Toastmasters International website last night

Hard effective work has paid off

Gaylene Kelso CC

You can read about the background to this new club in a previous blog

The hard work was done by Gaylene. Mike Helm and I assisted with the Demonstration Meeting and then with the technicalities of the Application to Organise. Finally there were issues with organising the Charter payment to World Headquarters. All these problems were solved and now the Club is chartered.

Such was the enthusiasm among the new Officers that several attended a supplementary Club Officer Training session run by W28 Area Governor Ross Wilkinson on Thursday evening, March 20, the day after the official Charter date for the Club.

It was a big week for new clubs in Western Australia last week. Look out for a notice about Canning Vale and then for our new Indigenous Club Ngarlundhu Wangka.

But for now congratulations to Gaylene and the new team at Cannington Communicators.

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Club Coordinator