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New Clubs Action

First Meeting for this year’s Committee

Our first meeting for 2009/10 was held yesterday, July 26, 2009.

It is clear that this is going to be a bumper year for new clubs in WA. A Demonstration Meeting has already been held. Another 5 are already planned for September and October, with another 3 definite prospects about to get under way.

You can read a full report of the meeting at New Clubs Committee July.

If you were one of the 16 people at the meeting, please add your comments below.

If you weren’t able to make it, please post reports of any projects you are undertaking or any additional ideas you have, so we can all benefit.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

District WA Strategy

Andrew Bolotin DTM at WA Governors

Andrew Bolotin
Andrew Bolotin DTM

Andrew addressed us at our meeting on Thursday evening, June 18, 2009 – From Divisions to District.

Andrew has some status and authority here. District 73 was formed in 1976 as a breakaway from District 70 in New South Wales, just as we hope to form our District WA as a breakaway from District 73. It began with Provisional District status which it carried for 10 years. Andrew became District Lt Governor Marketing in 1983, Lt Governor Education and Training in 1984, and District Governor in 1985. It was during his term as District Governor that District 73 earned its full District status.

Currently we are in a very early stage, but it is time now to set about planning for the successful achievement of District WA status. You can see some earlier posts on the process at District WA on the way and District WA Prerequisites


A Plan to gain Provisional District status, and then full District status

Andrew recommended a 3 stage process.

    Stage 1: Devise a strategy
    Stage 2: Produce a detailed plan to achieve the strategy
    Stage 3: Implement the plan

Andrew made some suggestions for Stage 1 – the strategy

    Put together a small group of leaders to initiate a draft strategy
    Circulate this to the much larger group of leaders and potential leaders for feedback and revision
    Start to practise being a District

Some ideas for practising being a District

Appoint a current District Governor, a Lt Governor Education & Training and Lt Governor Marketing
Hold a District Convention including a Council Meeting and Speech finals

Dual membership a no-no

Daniel Andrew walked into the lion’s den with this one. All of us are dual members at WA Governors, since we make it a prerequisite to belong to another home club. He argued passionately that it’s a serious mistake for members to spread themselves too thinly by belonging to multiple clubs. However he made an exception for WA Governors because he sees our members as providing most of the leadership required to drive the District WA program.

This isn’t the last we will hear from Andrew

During supper afterwards several members engaged in energetic discussion with him. Of course he has more to offer, and some preliminary plans were discussed to arrange for it.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

Many of our members are taking Andrews suggestions very seriously. What do you think? Post your comments below.

District WA Prerequisites

What do we have to do to make it happen?

The application has gone in to World Headquarters.  If they give a provisional approval for our WA District there will be conditions.

    1. We must have 60 viable clubs
    2. We need an average of 20 members per club
    3. We need a pool of strong, dedicated leaders

60 viable clubs?

Today we have 50 clubs. Some of them seem to be weak in numbers. For every one that goes down, we need a new one.

We expect to have the Kalamunda Club chartered very soon. There are plans for a club at Applecross. Highgate is a prospective area. We have started. There will be more exciting news soon.

Can we put on 10 new clubs from July to next May? Yes we can! In 2007/08 we put on 12 new clubs. That was a big effort and gave us the credibilty to begin our push for our own District. It will take another big effort, but we can do itl

An average of 20 members per club?

That is 1200 members in 60 clubs! At June 5, we had 847 members in 50 clubs. That is an average of 17 members per club. Right now we are short of 150 members at 3 per club. It looks daunting. This current year we have had a significant real loss across all Divisions. See the analysis at WA Membership Analysis 08/09.

It will be a big challenge, but we can do it. We have to lift our current 850 to 1200. The 10 new clubs will give us 200+ members. Our existing clubs are the key here – membership – not just hold the line, but grow.

The leadership pool?

Not just the top four – a District Governor, a Lt Governor Education & Training, a Lt Governor Marketing and a Public Relations Officer. By then we will have three more Areas and another Division. So we will need

    4 Division Governors
    16 Area Governors
    A Treasurer and Secretary

They will come from the clubs.

We need a trained, effective set of Club officers, particularly the Presidents and Vice-Presidents. The coming Club Officer Training sessions rank as the most important in WA Toastmaster’s 25 year history. The next month will set the scene.

What do you think? Post your comments and suggestions below.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator

District WA on the way

District Council has given the nod

At Hahndorf on Saturday, May 23rd, the District Council passed a resolution endorsing the two recommendations in the report

    Split District 73 into two districts -  Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania – Western Australia
    Authorise the District Reformation Committee to complete the implementation plan with World Headquarters

What does this mean for us in WA?

The process works like this

    Submit the report to World Headquarters – Mike Helm has done that
    The 17 International Directors will consider the submission in August

What happens if we get the green light?

The following table sets out a schedule of elections at the May Council Meetings for the next 2 years.
Abbreviations used are LGET for Lt Governor Education & Training, LGM for Lt Governor Marketing, PRO for Public Relations Officer

May, 2010 Melbourne District 73 Governor
LGET for District 73 LGET for District WA
LGM for District 73 LGM for District WA
PRO for District 73 PRO for District WA
May, 2011 Perth District 73 Governor District WA Governor
LGET for District 73 LGET for District WA
LGM for District 73 LGM for District WA
PRO for District 73 PRO for District WA
May 2012 Perth District WA Governor
District WA LGET
District WA LGM
District WA PRO

We are confident that World Headquarters are very supportive of the push for District 73. However, we have to meet certain guidelines. That is the problem. Will they consider we have enough clubs and perhaps more importantly a high enough average membership per club? That may be the sticking point.

District WA

We have a green light for our own District in WA

Below you can read the text of a mail from Stephanie Demiris at World Headquarters. Here is a quick summary of her mail:

Approval The Toastmasters International Board of Directors has approved the District 73 request to split into two Districts.

Preparation There are a series of preparatory steps to be undertaken, culminating in a progress report to the Directors by June 5, 2009.

The Process If the Directors approve the split at their August 2009 meeting, the 2010 Toastmaster year will be a transition, with one District Governor and two Lt Governors Education & Training and two Lt Governors Marketing. From July 1, 2011, there will be two separate Districts, each with a District Governor, a Lt Governor Education & Training and a Lt Governor Marketing.

Wow!! It’s going to happen!

There is a lot to be done in the next 6 months. As you will read below, there are stringent requirements for us to meet, showing that

  • there is a need for the split,
  • the new Districts will both be viable administrative units
  • there is an adequate pool of leaders to do the work

The process to date

  • May 2006, then District Governor, Geoff Morrissey, raised the possibility at the District Council held in Perth
  • 2007/2008, then District Governor Mike Helm and WA New Clubs Coordinator David Nicholas coordinated the amazing surge of 12 New Clubs in WA
  • 2008/2009 Stephanie Demeris from World Headquarters encouraged District Governor Bernard Marmion to submit a preliminary proposal for the split
  • November 2008 Approval in Principle

So, what do you think? Can we meet the requirements? Do we have the necessary pool of current and future leaders in WA. Read Stephanies’ email below and make your comments.

David Nicholas
WA New Clubs Coordinator



From Stephanie Demiris

Greetings District 73 Leaders,

On behalf of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, I am pleased to report to you that the Board has approved District 73s request to split into two districts.

The next steps are as follows:
The district will need to propose recommendations to the Board of Directors through the development of a proposal and plan for reformation. This should include the proposed boundaries of the reformed districts and a recommendation for the division of all existing funds.

The district governor will appoint a committee to conduct a needs analysis. The needs analysis should support and illustrate the need for reformation. The appointed committee conducting the needs analysis will need to address the following areas, in addition to other questions the district deems important to further investigate:
What factors are contributing to the districts need to reform?
In what ways would a reformation better serve clubs in the district?
Does the district have a pool of leaders that could sustain the district through a reformation?

Once the district can support a reformation, the district will also need to define a plan for reforming. The plan will need to address the following key areas:
Overview and rationale for reforming with an emphasis on current district demographics (e.g., club, area, division and member data) and key district challenges based on the current size of the district.
Benefits of reforming – the district should outline key benefits and expected outcomes of reforming.
Growth plans and market segments – the district should illustrate projected growth plans for the newly formed district, discussing key market segments.
District leadership – the district will need to illustrate long-term plans for ensuring there are a qualified pool of district leaders that will sustain the district.
Recommendations and conclusion for reforming with an emphasis on boundary alignment and final implementation strategy.
Long-term impact – the district will need to identify what strategies it will implement in order to address the following key area:
–District service model (i.e., how will the district serve members and clubs? How will the district train leaders?)
–Educational achievements
–Other areas the district deems important to discuss

This plan is due to WHQ no later than Friday, June 5, 2009. The plan will go to the Board of Directors for review and approval in August of 2009. If approved the district split would be effective July 1, 2011 with the 2010 year serving as the transition year in which an additional LGET and LGM will be elected in order to serve the district. For more details, please review the policies attached below. I have also included some sample reformation plans that should help give some context around what should be included in the District 73 reformation plan.

I will serve as your main point of contact through this process. If you need assistance or have questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Congratulations!

Policies & Procedures, V1 B1

Policies & Procedures V1 B1.1

Toastmasters: The Courage to Conquer!

Stephanie Demiris
Manager, Volunteer Support Services
Toastmasters International
P (949) 858-8255, ext. 280
F (949) 858-1207

District WA2

Can WA become a District in its own right?

The pace is hotting up.  Now Toastmaster International leaders are taking an interest in our campaign to set up a District in Western Australia.  A Manager at World Headquarters is in regular touch with our District Governor, Bernard Marmion, monitoring our progress.

Bernard Marmion DTM Bernard Marmion

Executive Meeting on Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bernard flew over to Perth for an Executive Meeting held at Durack House, in Adelaide Terrace on Saturday afternoon. He met with our 3 Division Governors, most of our Area Governors, Immediate Past District Governor Mike Helm, District Parliamentarian, David Nicholas and last years District Secretary Jeanette Farrar. District Public Relations Officer Mark Richards chaired the meeting. (WA Governors was well represented – besides Bernard, only one other person present was not a member of the Club. We hope she will join this month.)

Mark Richards DTM Mark Richards

What do we have to do?

Section VI of Policies and Procedures in the Bylaws deals with the formation of new Districts. There are two situations. The first handles the formation of a new District in a new locality – like the most recent District – District 85 in China. The second deals with a new District, splitting off from an existing District – which is our situation. The normal requirement is that after the split both resulting Districts must have at least 100 Clubs. However the TI Board can accept a lower number if it believes it to be in the interests of Toastmasters International, because of evidence of growth and the likelihood that the new District will reach the target of 100 in a reasonable time.


Progress to date

David Nicholas DTM David Nicholas

WA New Clubs Coordinator David Nicholas gave an update on our progress. Last year there were 12 new clubs in WA, we lost 1, so there was a net gain of 11. That took us from 35 to 46 Clubs. This year we have a hopeful target of a net gain of 11 again. This may be a bit ambitious, but at the meeting quite a few prospects for new clubs were brought forward. If we could maintain a minimum of a net gain of 7 clubs each year, then by July 2009 we would have 53 and by July 2010 we would have 60. 60 is a key number, and 2010 is an important year because in August, 2010 the World Council will be held in Sydney, the first time outside North America. It would be a major event for our new Australian District to be unveiled at Sydney.

What about South Australia?

Former District Governor Geoff Morrissey first raised with the Board of Directors two years ago the prospect of a new District splitting off from District 73. In his original proposal he joined WA and South Australia in his proposed new District. Since then there has been quite a deal of discussion on this matter. The consensus view in WA seems to be that though it might be faster to get there, it doesn’t make geographical sense for WA, with most of its members in Perth, to be joined with South Australia, with most of its members in Adelaide, much, much closer to Melbourne than we are. This is an important issue which we will have to decide on.

Mike Helm is working on a submission

Mike Helm DTM Mike Helm

Mike was District 73 Governor last year so he is very experienced and has a good understanding of the way to handle this. Bernard Marmion has asked us to submit a proposed submission so he can forward it to World Headquarters by Monday, October 13th. At the meeting we set up a working committee of Mike, Mark Richards and myself to prepare this submission. Mike is currently working on it and intends to send the completed draft to Bernard on Sunday evening, October 12.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please post them below. They will be taken very seriously, as we grapple with this very important issue.

Should we split District 73 into 2 Districts?

Have your say on this very important subject.

Read the discussion below and then contribute your ideas in a post. Add a comment or put forward an argument. At the end of this article, there are previous posts, and then a screen where you can type in your comment or put forward new ideas. You will be asked for your name and email, and then you can submit your own material.

This post was originally submitted on August 31. Since then the District 73 Executive has met in Adelaide and decided to publicise the issue in time for it to be considered at the November 24 District Council Meeting being held in Melbourne. Lt Governor Bernard Marmion  circulated an information sheet about the split to all District Clubs on October 5. You can download the Reformation Proposal as a pdf file.

Have your say. This will be a very significant decision for District 73. We need as wide a discussion as possible. Already ten members have contributed their thoughts, and most are definitely unenthusiastic about the proposal at this time. So what do you think? Read the explanation following and then post your ideas and opinions.

Why split District 73?

District 73 is geographically the largest in the Toastmaster world. It covers 4 Australian States – Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. This makes it very difficult to administer, because it is 3,000 kms (2,000 miles) from Melbourne the main population centre in the east, and Perth, the main population centre in the west.


Look at the difference from District 69, covering Queensland and the Northern Territory, and District 70, New South Wales (and Canberra of course). They are big Districts compared to most in the world, but nothing like the geographical spread of District 73.

What split is proposed?

It is proposed to split the existing District 73 into two Districts. The main residual District would have Victorian and Tasmanian Clubs. The new District would have West Australian and South Australian Clubs.

What are the benefits to WA and SA to split off?

    Melbourne Clubs have dominated District Administrations for many years. WA and SA leaders have often felt neglected and ignored by District Administrations run from Melbourne. Having our own District would shift decision making to our clubs. Then it would be up to us to run our own affairs.
    Travel costs have limited our opportunities to take part. Currently, the District Convention is held in WA once every 4 years and in SA once every four years. Travel expenses to get to Melbourne from Perth have been rising steadily. With our own District, Conventions would be held in Perth twice every three years and in Adelaide once in every three years. This will be a definite benefit to WA members and a marginal benefit to SA members.
    Perth and Adelaide are similarly sized cities. Melbourne is much larger. Perth and Adelaide members will share many common problems, which are different from those in Melbourne.

What are the possible disadvantages of the split?

    South Australian members may feel dominated by Western Australia. Currently WA has twice as many clubs and members as SA, and current growth figures may maintain that balance.
    For South Australian members, Perth is much further away than Melbourne. It is practical for SA members to drive to Melbourne, but not very practical to drive to Perth.
    West Australian members may feel like waiting till they can have a District in their own right. If they can form 8 new clubs this year, then two or three more years of the same will get them to the magic 60. Administratively it may be much better to have a District based on just the one State.

What would be the process to carry through the split?

The previous District Council held in Perth in May, 2007, appointed Geoff Morrissey from Melbourne to set up a Reformation Committee to report to the District Council in November, which will be held in Melbourne. Geoff is coordinating this Committee which has representatives from all four states –

  • Tasmania Edmund Breen
  • Victoria Jack Fawcett
  • South Australia Nick Nash
  • Western Australia David Nicholas

The process from now on will be:

  1. The Committee is currently considering the Reformation (the split) proposal and will soon present its report to Clubs.
  2. A motion may be presented to the District Council being held in Melbourne in November. If it adopts a Reformation (split) motion, that proposal will be sent to the Directors at World Headquarters.
  3. If they approve the proposal, the District Council meeting at the Convention in Lilydale in May, 2008 will elect one District Governor for District 73, and two Lt Governors Education and two Lt Governors Marketing for the two separated Districts.
  4. At the District Council to be held in Adelaide in May, 2009, elections will be held for both of the two separated Districts – each will have a District Governor, a Lt Governor Education and Training, and a Lt Governor Marketing.
  5. The two Districts will function separately from July 1, 2009.

There is an opportunity right now

Until this year, World Headquarters has insisted that a new District must have 100 clubs, but now they have announced that in some circumstances 60 Clubs is enough. Look at the current number of clubs in each State, with a projected number of new clubs being formed this year.

  Tasmania Victoria South Australia Western Australia
Now 5 89 15 35
Potential New 1 5 4 8
Potential Total 6 94 19 43

These are speculative figures, but they show there is a real possibility that by the end of this current Toastmaster year, we could have over 160 clubs in the District, up from 145 at July 1, with 100 between Victoria and Tasmania and over 60 in Western Australia and South Australia.

Western Australia and South Australia could combine to form a new District

The numbers may be there. Perhaps we can achieve the targets, and perhaps the Toastmasters Directors will approve the split.

What do you think?

  • Should we do it? Should we try to reform District 73 into two Districts?
  • Is this the right year to try to do it? or should we wait till Club numbers build up further?
  • How do we publicise it? How can we best get information out to the Club and District Officers who will make these decisions?

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM

Have your say. Post a comment or a suggestion.

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