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Club Officer Training July 2011

Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Clubs are currently completing elections for the new year,  or in the case of weekly clubs for the first six months. The Toastmasters Leadership Institute in WA is offering training for all the incoming officers. There are two sessions in Perth.

Saturday afternoon, July 9th, at the Bob Daniels Community Centre, Beaufort St, Inglewood  1 PM  for 1 30 P.M. start to 5 PM.

Thursday Evening July 14 at the South Perths Community Centre, South Terrace, South Perth, From 5:30 PM for 6 PM starts to 9:30 PM.

The two programs will cover the same material with specific training for each officer role as well as more general club training.  There will be more detailed information in the near future.

The Distinguished Club Training Goal

Attendance at Club Officer Training by at least 4 Officers at both the July and February training sessions is required for Goal 9 of the Distinguished Club Program.  Make certain your club has at least 4 Officers at training in July.

David Nicholas DTM
ToastmastersWA Webmaster

Podcasting comes to toastmasterswa

Better late than never

We should have done this some time ago, but at last it is here.  From now on we will be posting links to videos prepared by local Toastmasters.

We have a club which has been working on the technical side of this process.  Have a look at Netmasters.

Last Sunday afternoon Mark Richards and David Nicholas recorded on video their joint projects from the Communication on Television Advanced Manual

Have a look at New Toastmaster Clubs in WA

You can add comments on the YouTube site or on this post.

David Nicholas
0401 011 212

Dentists at Toastmasters

No not a free dental check-up!

Nor a Dental Practionor’s Convention!

You guessed right! Toastmasters Speech contests!

At the Inner City Division final of the Humorous Speech contest in Perth last week there were chattering teeth and moulded masterpieces on display as the contestants took the audience on a deliriously funny diatribe of humorous speeches.

Four individual and original speeches that by chance painted word pictures and images of the dreaded ‘dentist’, and the fear that it evokes for many.   Even Mona Lisa was present to witness the event, that famous smile complete with casted dentures!

Contestants in their topics reminded us that time waits for no-one but waiting at the dentist seems to take for hours, the exclamation shopping with the ‘wife’ worse than a trip to the dentist captured attention;  and the theatrics of life kept the audience laughing and entertained throughout.

Congratulations to Thierry

Thierry Morel will represent the Division at the District 73 final in Perth, in May 2011.  I hope Thierry has a dental check-up prior to ensure he is remembered for his brilliant toothy smile.

Table Topics and the road more or less travelled.

Impromptu speaking with contestants leading the audience  a journey of life as they shared wisdom, insight and the bumps and breakdowns that many in the audience related to in someway.

Congratulations to David

David Cain will represent the Division at the District final in Perth in May 2011.

A picture paints a thousand words as you can see in the snapshots.

These were the contestants in the two contests.

Jennifer van den Hoek, David Cain, Jeremiah Hartmann, Thierry Morel, Bill Hewitt, Stuart Hoare, Bradley Triston, Robyn Bell

These were the contest officials.

Division Governor Kristin McIntosh, David Cain, Thierry Morel, Judge Beth Colegate, Judge Kristofer Hindge, Chief Judge & Lt Governor Education & Training (West) Mark Richards, Timer Allen Hahn and Sgt At Arms Leonor Ragan

Thanks to I40 Area Governor Robyn Lloyd for the story and the pictures.

Third Place for District 73

District 73 World Championship of Public Speaking respresentative, Linus Chang, has placed third in Palm Desert California with his speech entitled “Being Jane”.

Linus gave a heartfelt story of his achievements in life which he had planned from a young age. What he got along with that success was not what he had planned…..
That was when he discovered JANE. Jane is his GPS!

Jane taught him that no matter what has happened in the past, you can always “recalculate”. Linus learned “If we can accept the past, be flexible with the future, we can live the present.”

All of District 73 are proud to have such a worthy representative. I know Linus will go on to greater achievements now he understands the lessons Jane has shown him. CONGRATULATIONS LINUS!

Mark Richards DTM
Leiutenant Governor Education & Training West

A smiling Linus after the presentations

The World Champion of Public Speaking 2010, David Henderson, flanked by 2nd placegetter, Robert McKenzie, 3rd placegetter, Linus Chang, and previous World Champions.

District WA – at last!

July 1, 2011

Mark Richards has released the news.  We will be a full District on July 1, 2011, with our District number to be decided in November this year.

The confirmation?

Mark has had conversations with top administrators and world leaders.

Daniel Rex, Toastmasters’ Executive Officer, was the first to deliver the good news to Mark.  He said that growth and progress in the past two years had decided the issue.  They expected us to continue that growth, but the District Number would be settled at the Executive Meeting in November, and full status would apply from July 1, 2011.  We thought we would start on a probationary basis and need to meet certain criteria, but no, we have impressed them with our recent rapid progress.

Mark then went to current World President, Gary Schultz, and incoming World President, Pat Johnson, who both confirmed Daniels’ message.

Where to from here?

This is encouragement for renewed efforts in the areas which have produced this stunning result.

The three areas are

  • New clubs
  • Increased membership
  • Member and club awards

More on that later. But for now it’s time for celebration, before we get to work to justify their confidence in us.









There is Mark in the middle of the District 73 contingent at the International Convenion.

David Nicholas DTM

WA New Clubs Coordinator
WA Webmaster

Latest News From Board of Directors Meeting at Toastmasters International Convention

Thursday morning in Palm Desert, California, USA, the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International briefed attendees at this years International Convention about proposed changes to the running of Toastmasters International.

The intent is now to truly take Toastmasters “Global” by introducing changes to branding and the recognition process for Areas, Divisions and Districts from July 2012. As of this date, ALL Districts will be able to achieve Presidents Distinguished status while Division & Area requirements will change slightly to enhance this. At present only the top 6 achieving Districts in the world can gain this status.

The full details of these changes will be available on Toastmasters International website from August 20, 2010.

Mark Richards DTM
Leiutenant Governor Education & Training West
Palm Desert, California, USA

Breaking News From Toastmasters International Convention in Palm Desert, California

Aussie pandemonium and excitement reigned at the Toastmasters International Convention in Palm Desert, California this morning (Perth Time) when the District 73 contestant in the International Speech Contest Semi Final, Linus Chang, was announced the winner.

Leiutenant Governor Education & Training West, Mark Richards, called screaming “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi” down the phone, almost deafening his wife in the process.

When the announcement was made, the District 73 attendees stormed the stage with congratulations and well wishes for Linus. Mark says the Aussies have gained many supporters from other Districts and even some of them wanted to get into the merrymaking on the stage.

To add to this excitement, Robin Grieve from District 72 (New Zealand) won his Semi Final. This means that two representatives from our Region 12 will be competing for the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Linus and Robin will now compete in the World Championship of Public Speaking on Saturday morning (US time). I know I speak for every member of District 73 here in Western Australia as I wish Linus the very best of “Aussie Luck” when he represents us all for the final time. Next year, if Western Australian Toastmasters can have at least 60 clubs with 20 members per club, we will be sending our very own representative to compete in this contest.

Stay tuned for further updates as the Convention continues in Palm Desert, California, USA.

You can keep up with happenings at International Convention on Twitter and Facebook.

Robyn Richards DTM
Western Division Governor

Contest & Judging Workshop

Contests are here

Clubs will be holding their Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests in August and September.  Following that will come the Area finals and then the Division finals.

How to do it?  What are the procedures for Toastmaster Contests.  Presidents and Area Governors should have received the current Contest Manual.  But how does it work in practice.  There are two valuable types of assistance available.

On the Web

For a full set of all the files you will need, together with scripts to be used by Contest Chairs go to


Come to the Workshop

Martin Lindsay has organised a Workshop to cover all matters relating to Contests and Judging.  It will be held at the George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning Road Karawara on Saturday morning, August 14. Get all the details from the Flyer

Contest flyer

I maintain a list of Contest dates and locations on the Calendar to the left of this story.  If your Club, Area or Division isn’t there, it’s because I haven’t been given the details.  Thank you to Western Division Robyn Richards for supplying a complete list for Western Division.

David Nicholas DTM
WA Webmaster

South West COT a HUGE Success

On Sunday July 18 many dedicated Toastmasters from Perth headed to Busselton to carry out some very important duties . We ran the Club Officer Training for the whole Area W29 with the help of a couple of very experienced members from within the Area. I was excited to see so many non Club Officers attend. Toastmaster for the day, Shaun Palmer, the Area Governor and member of Margaret River Toastmasters, took his lead from the wealth of experience the members from Perth had to offer. Judging by the feedback forms I have just read, I would say most of the participants enjoyed the day and gleaned a few ideas to take back to their clubs or even to think about themselves as being able to continue further afield than completing their CC manual.

I would like to thank every member from Perth who volunteered their weekend to help the members in Area W29. Without your support this training would not have been nearly as successful or as much fun. I hope you all had a terrific weekend and gained some experience to help you further your Toastmasters skills.

To the members of the clubs in Area W29, thank you for your attendance and participation at Club Officer Training. I hope you all had as much fun as we did and we know by the buzz in that room, you have learned of some wonderful tools to help you in your year ahead in the important role you play at your club. Congratulations and we all look forward to the next Road Trip to W29.

Robyn Richards
Robyn Richards DTM
Western Division Governor

Distinguished District Once Again

What a year it has been for District 73 where the year’s theme was to Exceed Expectations. The District has achieved Distinguished status for the 4th year in a row and has really proven the District theme correct.

As LGM for the District this year, my focus was on membership, marketing and new clubs. By the end of the year we achieved all of the goals set for us by TMI and have Exceeded Expectations in membership and new clubs, which is a terrific accomplishment. We managed to start 12 new clubs this year, 6 in WA (CSBP, Mundaring, Southern River, Victoria Park, TEEM & Toast2FS) and 6 in Victoria (Marsh Masters, PB, ANZ Power of Speech, Thales, Hume & Planet Toastmaster).

On the membership side, 1513 new members (443 in WA) joined our District, which is a record by a long way. We received 7246 membership payments which surpassed last year by over 300. Again Exceeding Expectations!

Within the District 79 clubs achieved Distinguished status or better (25 Distinguished, 21 Select & 33 Presidents). Our Area & Division Governors have produced brilliant results this year with 26 out of 40 Areas achieving Distinguished status or better (9 Distinguished, 9 Select & 8 Presidents) and 7 out of 10 Divisions achieving Distinguished status or better (1 Distinguished, 2 Select & 4 Presidents). All of these great results have lifted the District to 25th place (out of 81)  in the world rankings and to 2nd place in the Region (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea). This is a result we can all be proud of.

This augers well for our transition year as we prepare to split into 2 separate Districts. Both the East & the West are building the foundations of 2 solid Districts for Region 12. As I hand the reins over to Ross Wilkinson DTM in the West & Catherine MacGillivray in the East, I know both will be in excellent hands and both will continue to grow and Achieve Greatness Together in 2010-2011.

I am excited about attending the International Convention in Palm Desert, California in August to accept, on behalf of the District, the award for Excellence in Marketing for 2009-2010. It has been a pleasure working with such a focused & dynamic team this year headed by District Governor, Damian Chong DTM. I would like to especially thank all the hard working Division & Area Governors for their contribution towards a Distinguished District.

I look forward to working with the new District Executive team under the guidance of District Governor, Bruce Hill DTM, as the LGET West.

Mark Richards DTM
District 73 LGM 2009/10

District Executive team for 2010/11 – Mark Richards LGET WA, Carrol Jones LGET East, Catherine McGillivray LGM East, Ross Wilkinson LGM WA, Pascale A-Colby PRO, Bruce Hill District Governor, Damian Chong IPDG.

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