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Club Officer Training Debacle

COT Registrations have been posted

You can see all the registrations on the Distinguished Club Page

DCP 2010/11

Western Division has done well

With 21 Clubs Western Division has 87 Registrations – an average of 4.1 Officers per club.

However Innercity has only 45 Registrations from 18 Clubs with an average of 2.5 Officers per club.

Perth has 49 Registrations from 17 Clubs with an average of 2.9 Officers per club.  5 of those Registrations were from a club with only 6 members.

This is a wake-up call for District 17

On July 1, 2011 Toastmasters in WA move into our own District 17.  During July there will be Club Officer Training.  Our incoming leadership group will be elected at the final District 73 Council Meeting on May 21.  The likely officeholders need to analyse very carefully this latest debacle and work on plans to lift the level of club awareness so that there is a much higher standard of leadership next year.  The Distinguished Club Program results so far show that the Officer Training situation is reflected in club success.  We have a problem to resolve.

David Nicholas
Posted by David Nicholas
TMWA Webmaster

Judging Workshop

New Rules for Judges

Toastmasters International has released new contest judging rules commencing January 2011.

Ian Pickens conducted a workshop on January 29, 2011 to discuss the new rules and train judges who can help at contest level as early as possible.  Ian does believe it is most ideal to conduct frequent training sessions at club level.  However as a first step he facilitated this workshop.

The opening review

The workshop commenced with a review of the judges form, looking at Content, Delivery, Language and how this criteria, affects a judge. The responsibilities, qualities, accountability and barriers, were the focus of this session, followed by analysing the new rules in detail.

Key changes

Rule 3B deals with the District options to allow two contestants from each club etc progressing to the next level something for District 17 to consider. It is not be a new rule but becomes relevant in D17.

Rule 5A deals with the specified number of judges and officials required at contests and rule 5B with judges eligibility. These rules will pose the greatest challenge to clubs and areas to comply with. Add the changes to the role of the chief judge, and tie break judges (Rule 5F) we have a need to ensure we have a ready pool of volunteers to judge.

Rule 5N confirms that 1st and 2nd place are announced at all contests, also for contests with 5 or more a third place will be announced. The words (if wanted) have been removed from previous years rule books.
Timing of speeches and disqualifications have not been changed and this rounds out the 7 contest rules.]

Check Lists

The separate Contest details and contest check list which were previously a separate document have been included into this manual and provides comprehensive check lists and procedures to be followed. I have found the check lists already being used from various D73 websites remain very suitable and require very little change.

A practice run

The workshop concluded with a practice run through, judging two speeches from the Creswick convention. This allowed John Palmer to see on the big screen, his performance on the District stage. It was the first time he had seen the video.

One big question arose “does the chief Judge have to judge or are they an advisor and co-ordinator?”. I am sure the answer is subject to debate but the general feel is the they do.

These manuals (item 1171) are available from Toastmaster International or from each President who has been delivered copies.

I urge leaders, contestants, and judges to read the rules, and ensure all contest chairs and chief judges are familiar with the rules of the contest prior to the club event.

Thanks to Ian Pickens for this report and the photo.

Kalgoorlie Training

Road trip

9:00 Saturday 31 July, a fresh morning as we assembled at Vicky Post’s house for the Road trip to Kalgoorlie. Pascale Amberville-Colby, Vicky and I, along with Lynette Delane, complete with foggy reminders of red wine celebrations from St George’s end of year party, and foggy weather conditions, set off for Kal for Club Officer Training. We made the trip in 6 ½ hours, a few pit stops along the way, avoiding Salmonella Central thanks to Pascale’s previous experiences, and with minimal snoring and drooling, but… what happens on the Road Trip stays on the Road Trip.

Arriving in Kal we were warmly greeted by Robin Lonsdale, President of Touch of Gold Toastmasters. After a pick-me-up coffee, we headed to the venue for a comprehensive two hour COT session. This included a judging workshop for the Table Topics contest, as well as the usual: Club officer roles, having a buzzing club, the DCP and your future in Toastmasters. The meeting was both informative and informal, with lots of audience participation and feedback. It was encouraging to see the professionalism of the club officers with their questions specifically targeted to their roles and responsibilities.

Following the COT we were treated to a sumptuous and creative buffet dinner, including a large bowl of salad that we accidentally kidnapped from the 30th birthday party BBQ held in the venue that night.

Touch of Gold held their regular meeting immediately after dinner and we were both informed and entertained by Morrie Goodz showing us how geologists interpret core samples with real samples of drill core and rock chips. Several jokes were made about “Morrie’s rod” and it featured prominently in the group photos. It was a stupendous meeting and we were made welcome and invited to participate.

After the meeting we retired to Robin and Morrie’s for coffee, chocolate and liqueurs, followed by a well deserved rest.

Kalgoorlie Training
Pascale, Lynette, Morrie, Martin, Robyn

Sunday morning, after successfully negotiating the bathroom roster, we set of to the superpit, where Morrie gave a resounding speech worthy of Project 2 from the “Speaking to inform manual” on the mining process, history and future, much to the appreciation of several interested tourists who gathered around to listen.

Breakfast at Kaos Cafe was a little Kaotic, with staff struggling to cope with the number of patrons. Morrie had to rush off to the airport, but the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely and sumptuous breakfast, before packing up ready for the trip home.

Along the way back, we played tag with a band of patched bikies, a large boat on a semi trailer, a freight train and the setting sun, driving due West mid afternoon. There was lots of Toastmasters related banter, but as I said…. what happens on the Road Trip stays on the Road Trip.

Martin Lindsay
Martin Lindsay
Perth Division Governor

Club Officer Training Saturday 10th July 2010

After the success of the Thursday evening Training, the Bob Daniels Centre in Inglewood played host to the Saturday sesssion. With nearly 80 Club Officers in attendance, we were looking at record numbers. The format was much the same and here are some photographic highlights. 

Maree Pickens

Maree Pickens was the Toastmaster and she knew how to wield that gavel!

Robyn and Mark Richards

Mark Richards suddenly finds the Agenda very interesting as Robyn looks on

Mark Richards

Then Mark was up to tell us all about the TMI web site.

David and Glenis Nicholas

David and Glenis Nicholas were absorbed by Mark's Workshop.

Kristin McIntosh

Kristin McIntosh was up directing traffic or maybe she was workshopping the Distinguished Club Programme

Ross Wilkinson

Someone else was trying to hide, but we know who you are...............

Ross Wilkinson

...........................step forward Ross Wilkinson!

Lynette Delaine

Telling everyone about next year's Convention, "Swansong on the Swan" was Lynette Delaine

Lynette Delaine and Maree Pickens

Just before Lynette had been working hard behind the scenes with Maree Pickens

David Nicholas

Then there was David Nicholas showing us all the goodies on his Toastmasterswa site

Sean Pascale Vicky

Then there's the people you always find in the kitchen at parties!

Are the pies ready yet?

Well done to everyone, for a second, extremely well organised, session of Club Officer Training.

Club Officer Training Thursday 8 July 2010

On the day that Perth’s cold clear days was broken by wild and windy weather a new venue was used for Club Officer training and very popular it proved too. The new Victoria Park Club hosted the event at their venue at The Homestead in Mackie Street in Victoria Park. An attendance of up to 100 was anticipated but Club Officers kept rolling in throughout the event.

The Empty Hall

The Hall is set up and ready

Sgt at Arms Maree Pickens got things underway introducing the Toastmaster for the evening Peter Law whose sartorial elegance set the tone for the night.

Toastmaster Peter Law and Mark Richards discuss the Agenda before the meeting gets underway
Robyn Richards conducted the first session, “Creating a Buzz” which emphasised how important it was to get that essential ‘something extra’ into your meetings to make them fun and enjoyable. Robyn provided lots of useful advice to all assembled.
Mark Richards followed his wife to the front of the audience and used the IT display set up by Martin Lindsay to show Club Officers how to log onto and navigate around the TMI Website. Mark’s presentation was especially relevant to Club Officers who have to log returns with TMI.
Mark Richards with the TMI Website

Mark Richards shows us how to Navigate around the TMI Website

Inner City Divisional Governor Kristin McIntosh then explained to us all what the 10 goals were in the DCP (Distinguished Club Programme) and why they were so important to running a successful club. Like Robyn Kristin gave some hints and tips as to how the goals could be achieved and illustrated how easy some of them were by pointing out that everyone present was contributing towards their club’s DCP by attending COT!

Kristin McIntosh

That's goal number two that Kristin is telling us about!

Martin Lindsay as the Perth Governor then presented a Workshop on how to run Speech Contests. With the Club, Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests due in August this was very timely advice for the many new Club Officers in attendance. Martin pointed out some of the extremely good resources available and advised Clubs on how they could get their own members ‘up to speed’ on acting as Judges.

The last presentation before supper was given by David Nicholas and David told everyone about and what resources were available on the site. With only 15 minutes to present David was only able to brush the surface but he certainly whetted the appetites for information if not for food!

David Nicholas

David Nicholas enthralled the audience with his sales technique for

After a splendid supper, and you could tell it was splendid because there was nothing left, we were treated to an introduction to a “Swansong on the Swan”. Lynette Delane presented a talk about the 2011 District Convention, the last of District 73 with Western Australia included, which is to be held in Perth, hence the title.

Lynette Delane

Lynette Delane tells us all about the "Swansong on the Swan"

The meeting then moved on to a series of ‘break out’ sessions for each Club Officer Role. This proved to be the real ‘meat and veg'” for the new Officers as they were able to leverage off those who had performed the role before.

We were then welcomed back by Ross Wilkinson who told us all about “YOUR Future in Toastmasters” and Ross set out very clearly where the path towards becoming a better speaker, a leader and ultimately a Distinguished Toastmaster lay. Ross reminded everyone that by becoming a Club Officer they were on the first steps of this exciting leadership journey.

Ross Wilkinson

Ross Wilkinson reminded everyone of the importance of working to their Manuals and getting them signed off

Public Relations both within the District and within Clubs was covered by the ubiquitous Pascale Amberville-Colby, the man with more clubs than Tiger Woods. Pascale reminded everyone of the importance of their Website as a promotional tool and ensuring it was up to date. Pascale also related some initiatives that were being taken within WA.

Pascale Amberville-Colby

Pascale sought an affirmation from everyone that they would promote their club

The information and fun packed evening was wound up by Mark Richards relating the future Training opportunities that were available over the coming year.

Overall a fantastic evening packed with  information and with Club Officers. Well done to everyone but especially to Robyn Richards for her wonderful organisational abilities.

Area Governor? What a year!

One year out, what was it like being an Area Governor?

 At first it was bewildering. Despite District Officer Training (DOT) and an exhaustive manual there just seemed to be so much to do.

First up after you have been trained there are two sessions of Club Officer Training (COT) you really should attend both sessions. You need to be there to support the clubs in your Area and to support the District Executive. You will probably find yourself volunteered to help somewhere. Remember also that each Club needs to have 4 of its Officers in attendance at both sessions of COT to achieve one of its Distinguished Club Programme (DCP) goals.

I was very fortunate in having a supportive ex-Governor in Sue Voloczi and Division Governor in David Nicholas. The Club and Area Humorous and Table Topics contests seem to be on you almost immediately. It’s important to remember, as it is with most things as an Area Governor, that this is not your personal responsibility. It is important to delegate. You have to be sure that people will actually do what they have volunteered to do (and be prepared to be let down too, have some reserves if possible).

You will also probably be asked to supply Judges and to be a Judge in other Areas. This is of a reciprocal nature so the more you put in the more you get back. It’s also very good experience. You should also be encouraging more experienced club members in your Area to act as Judges.

Once these are over there is the Divisional contest and you may very well have a role to play on the day.

You should also try to get in an Area Executive meeting with the Presidents. VPM, VPE’s and VPPR’s of each of the clubs. It gives them a chance to get together and to share experiences and ideas.

Then it is time for your Club visits. You should already have been in contact with your clubs about their DCP. What are they doing to achieve all 10 goals? Some of the goals are easy, just administrative issues but important nonetheless. They will have been through all this at  COT but you need to ensure this is where they are focussed.

You might choose to deliver the ‘Moments of Truth” Eductional as part of your visit. If you don’t ‘know’ this Educational it is a great one, almost like a health check for clubs and there is a survey form for members to fill in. I collated mine for the club where I delivered it and whilst generally they scored highly there were two areas which were well below the rest. The club knew where to direct their efforts.

The Club visits are important and you should try to get on the Agenda to speak. Club members should know who you are and why you are there. It also allows you to gauge how well the clubs are run and do not be afraid of making adverse comments on your report if you feel they are justified. You should have discussed the issues with the Club President before you do so of course.

Once Christmas is over there is virtually a repeat of the first half of the TMI year. Club Officer Training, Club, Area and Divisional contests (International Speech and Evaluation this time) and another round of Area visits. The second round of Area visits will be much more focussed on the DCP, you are getting towards the pointy end of the TMI year. Are the Clubs going to achieve all their goals? What can you do to help?

Throughout all this you should also be looking at possibilities for forming a new club in your Area. I won’t go into details here that’s a subject for a blog on its own.

If you go through all this and keep your focus you will have had an exhausting but very enjoyable Toastmasters year. I know because I am just about to complete one!  Of course it is also one of your requirements if you are heading for a DTM. It can’t be that bad, I’m about to do it all over again. .

Online Resources Help Page

The Club Officer Training Handout with Updates

This is the page handed out at Club Officer Training on Saturday, July 11, 2009.

Online Resources

If you know of other online resources which would be of value, please email me

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

Club Officer Lists Congratulations

WA Clubs all met the deadline

Toastmasters International needs accurate lists of Club Officers. They set a deadline of June 30, and award half a Goal towards the Distinguished Club Program when a Club submits its list by the due date.

All our WA Clubs have met that deadline by June 29. As of this morning, our three WA Divisions were the only ones among the 10 Divisions in the District. Congratulations to those Area and Division Governors who made a special point of contacting the 10 Clubs which hadn’t made it by last Friday. They are all there now.

Damian Chong
Damian Chong DTM
District 73 Governor

Now we need those lists in WA

Toastmasters International has them. We don’t yet. But we need them. Our three Division Governors are organising Club Officer Training right now, and we need to communicate with the new Officers.

Our District Governor to the rescue

Damian Chong DTM officially takes office tomorrow, July 1. He was here in Perth last weekend to take part in District Officer Training. While he was here I raised the problem with him and he promised to get the full list from World Headquarters and send it to me.


David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

Club Officer Training is coming in mid July

July starts tomorrow. The Agenda has been prepared. Incoming Club Presidents and VPs Education can expect to receive a notice with all the details in the next few days. When it comes, think warm thoughts towards our new District Governor.

District Officer Training June 27 2009

Are you an incoming Area Governor? DOT is for you!

When you first take on the role of Area Governor you will have many questions about what you are expected to do. You get those important questions answered in 3 ways

First, read the Manual!

It has a clear outline of your role. As you work through your year you will refer to it repeatedly, getting more and more value from it as you gain more and more experience.

Here is an excellent piece of advice you may have heard in many situations. When in doubt, read the instructions.

Second, attend District Officer Training

The trainers have experience in being an Area Governor. They have read the Manual and applied it! They will give you a great deal of practical information and advice, based on the Manual and their experience. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Third, select a Mentor

Several of the Trainers at DOT live in Perth and are experienced former Area and Division Governors. Use them. Choose one (or perhaps two) to act as a guide and a mentor. They wont do the work for you, but they will give you advice when you ask for it, and alert you to important issues which you may have missed. Mark Richards, David Nicholas, Mike Helm and Ross Wilkinson are potential Mentors. Make contact. When DOT is finished for the day they will still be available to support you.

How do you get a Manual?

Come to WA Governors on Thursday evening, June 18. Manuals will be available at the meeting. Check the location details and time on the Event Calendar on this screen. Email David Nicholas for more details.

If you can’t make it to WA Governors this week email Mark Richards for more details. He will post it to you. It’s important you get it before DOT, so you can look at a few important sections in advance, to get the great benefit possible from the training.

When you first look at the Manual do two important things

First, look at the Table of Contents on pages 3 & 4. Get a general idea of what the Manual contains. Don’t spend too much time on this – you are not studying for a test. Just get a general idea of what is in there.

Second, read carefully pages 100, 101 and part of 102 to get an overall picture of the role of Area Governors. There is a lot more detail available, but this gives a good overall picture.

Third, (if you have time and the inclination for another one) glance through any other part of the Manual which looks interesting.

To prepare for DOT, have a look at the DOT Agenda

For more information or help you can call me, email me, or post your comment or query on this story.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

District WA Prerequisites

What do we have to do to make it happen?

The application has gone in to World Headquarters.  If they give a provisional approval for our WA District there will be conditions.

    1. We must have 60 viable clubs
    2. We need an average of 20 members per club
    3. We need a pool of strong, dedicated leaders

60 viable clubs?

Today we have 50 clubs. Some of them seem to be weak in numbers. For every one that goes down, we need a new one.

We expect to have the Kalamunda Club chartered very soon. There are plans for a club at Applecross. Highgate is a prospective area. We have started. There will be more exciting news soon.

Can we put on 10 new clubs from July to next May? Yes we can! In 2007/08 we put on 12 new clubs. That was a big effort and gave us the credibilty to begin our push for our own District. It will take another big effort, but we can do itl

An average of 20 members per club?

That is 1200 members in 60 clubs! At June 5, we had 847 members in 50 clubs. That is an average of 17 members per club. Right now we are short of 150 members at 3 per club. It looks daunting. This current year we have had a significant real loss across all Divisions. See the analysis at WA Membership Analysis 08/09.

It will be a big challenge, but we can do it. We have to lift our current 850 to 1200. The 10 new clubs will give us 200+ members. Our existing clubs are the key here – membership – not just hold the line, but grow.

The leadership pool?

Not just the top four – a District Governor, a Lt Governor Education & Training, a Lt Governor Marketing and a Public Relations Officer. By then we will have three more Areas and another Division. So we will need

    4 Division Governors
    16 Area Governors
    A Treasurer and Secretary

They will come from the clubs.

We need a trained, effective set of Club officers, particularly the Presidents and Vice-Presidents. The coming Club Officer Training sessions rank as the most important in WA Toastmaster’s 25 year history. The next month will set the scene.

What do you think? Post your comments and suggestions below.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator

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