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Cliff Boer Presents Again

District 73 Council Workshops

Cliff Boer

Cliff Boer is presenting two Workshops as part of the District 73 Council Meeting being held on Saturday, November 21st.

These are Highlights from his recent all day workshop held on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at the Hammersly Community Hall.  You can read a brief report on that day at Cliff Boer Workshop.

The District 73 Council Meeting

Toastmasters in WA belong to District 73, one of the 87 Districts around the world. Our District currently covers WA, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. However a process has started where from July 2111 we will form our own District – District WA. Each year there are two Council Meetings where District wide business is discussed. We are privileged to have it in Perth this month. It will be held at

the Bob Daniels Community Centre, 895 Beaufort St, Inglewood. from 12 midday to 4.30 pm.

A summary of the Agenda for the day

11:30 Registration (see below for full details)
12:00 Formal opening
12:15 Council Meeting
02:30 Afternoon Tea
03:00 Cliff Boer Workshops
04:30 End

Who can attend the Council Meeting

All Toastmasters can attend the meeting, but only Council members can discuss and vote on the business. These are the voting members

  • District Officers – like Area Governors
  • Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education or their proxies

Who can attend the Workshops?

  • All Registered voting members of the Council (including proxies) can attend for no charge
  • Other Toastmaster members who Register can attend for a small charge of $5.

How do you Register?

Council Members have already received an email from the District Secretary, Hilary Jane inviting them to Register by replying to her. As well, she attached a Proxy Form for those Presidents or Vice Presidents Education who cannot attend but will be represented by a Club Member. If you have mislaid it, here is a link to Hilary’s email.

Other members can attend the Council, but not vote. To register for the Afternoon Tea and Cliff’s Workshops email Leonor Ragan. In your email make the subject line “Workshop Registration” and in the body of the message give Leonor your name and Club.

A very important meeting

This is a very important Council Meeting. We want to have as many voting delegates present at the Council. One important item of business is the WA bid for the District Council in May 2011 to be held in Perth. This will be the final District 73 meeting with WA members and we want it to be here in Perth.

Cliff’s Workshops will be brilliant. If you were lucky enough to be there on October 3, you will be want to be here again on November 21. If you missed the first one, here is your chance to experience the best that Toastmasters has to offer. Make certain you register.

You have a query?

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David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
Western Division Governor
District Council Coordinator
9457 6468

WA Membership disaster

Yes, the WA membership figures for 2008/09 are a disaster

I have prepared a full analysis which you can survey with gloomy understanding at the disaster page

What does the page of figures deal with?

This is an analysis of the membership situation in WA Clubs, Areas and Divisions, current to the latest figures from Toastmasters International on June 12

The brutal truth is that the year has really been a membership disaster.

Our credibility in the push for District WA has been damaged. Mike Helm and David Nicholas (sorry, that’s me) have propped up the membership figures in Innercity and Perth Divisions with 4 new clubs – shown in green on the page. That is why their overall Division figures are not as bad as Western.

How does this analysis help in any way?

OK. So, perhaps it is a disaster. Why don’t we hide our heads in shame and think of other things. We only have 3 weeks left for this year, so there is unlikely to be much significant change by June 30.

No! No! No! Let’s learn from it and do something about it in the new year. The page is aimed at our incoming Division and Area Governors.

Start planning now to be successful in 12 months time

This year is as good as over. There is no value in crying over spilt milk. Learn and act.

Make 2009/10 our best year ever

Come to District Officer Training
It’s on Saturday June 27. Apply what you learn
Attend both Club Officer Training sessions
They are on July 11 in Subiaco and July 16 in Fremantle. Make contact with your Club Officers
Hold regular Council Meetings
Make them at least every 3 months, starting in August
Identify strong and weak clubs in your Area or Division
Get the latest figures at the DCP report on this website
Work with the strong clubs to build up the CC and AC awards. Work with the weak clubs to strengthen their membership
Get help to go +1 with a new Club
Contact the District Lt Governor Marketing, Mark Richards, and the WA New Clubs Coordinator, David Nicholas

What do you think now you have looked at the disaster page? Is the analysis too extreme?
Is there a more favorable view of the raw figures?
What about the suggested program for the new year?
Have you an alternative plan?

Have your say. Add your contribution below.

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
Western Division Governor 2009/10

WA Leaders Nominate for District Roles

David Nicholas has nominated for Western Division Governor

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
for Western Division Governor

Elections for the 2009/10 year will be held at the District 73 Council being held in Hahndorf, South Australia, on Saturday afternoon, May 23, 2009. There are 10 Divisions in the District, with 3 in WA. Nominations have been received from only Western Division in WA. There were none received for Innercity and Perth when nominations closed in late March. Discussions are proceeding to find suitable leaders to take these important positions.

You can view a statement by David about his qualifications for the Western Division Governor position and his program for the year.

Go to David Nicholas DTM for Western Division Governor

Pascale Amberville-Colby also nominated for Western Division Governor, but after discussion with various WA leaders he has formally withdrawn his nomination. Pascale is looking forward to nominating for a Division Governor role again the following year.

Two other West Australians have nominated for District 73 leadership roles.

Mark Richards
Mark Richards DTM

Ross Wilkinson
Ross Wilkinson DTM

Mark Richards DTM is currently the District Public Relations Officer. He has nominated for Lt Governor Marketing.

Ross Wilkinson DTM is currently the Western Division Governor. He has nominated for District Public Relations Officer.

Currently there are no other nominations for either of these positions. However, it is possible for other members to nominate from the floor at the time of the election. We wont know if there are to be other nominations until the Saturday afternoon meeting.

We have a significant number of West Australians attending the Convention. Those who are Presidents or VPs Education for their clubs have an automatic vote at the Council. If you are attending, and your President and/or VP Education is not, make certain you get their proxy to vote.

David Nicholas for Western Division Governor


  • Member and office bearer since 1995 of clubs in Western Division
  • Previously served as Area Governor (3 times) and Western Division Governor
  • Served as District Lt Governor Education & Training, responsible for all training across the District.


  • District Area Governor of the Year
  • President’s Distinguished Area Governor and Division Governor
  • DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) 5 times
  • Founded 16 Clubs in Western Australia


  • Reformation Committee member – working to form our own District in WA
  • WA New Clubs Coordinator – 12 new clubs last year and 4 so far this year
  • District 73 Parliamentarian responsible for the proper conduct of District Executive and Council meetings
  • Member of 9 Clubs and VP Education for 5 of them
  • WA Webmaster responsible for this website

Program for 2009/10

  • My role as Division Governor will be to train, supervise, support and inspire our 4 Area Governors. They will be my primary contact with Clubs. It is my goal to help our Area Governors aim for and achieve their highest goal – to be President’s Distinguished. That will help me achieve my goal of once more making Western Division President’s Distinguished.
  • I will be an active leader in organising Club Officer Training in WA.
  • I will conduct Division Council Meetings every 3 months. Decisions at these meetings will be made by our Area Governors and myself, but Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education will be invited to attend and contribute to the discussions. The first meeting will be held in early August, after Club Officer Training has been completed.
  • I will organise and conduct our 4 Division Contests.
  • I will continue working for District WA. As a Division Governor and member of the Reformation Committee, I will have a strong voice in District plans and I will exercise that with vigor.
  • As soon as I am confirmed in the position, I will start working energetically to achieve the program I have outlined.

Area Governor protocols for 08/09?

What is the procedure for electing/appointing Area Governors for 2008/09?

The standard procedure will not work when 2 Divisions are combined and reconstituted into 3.

In the standard procedure current Area Governors ask Clubs and members in their Area for nominations for the coming year. If only one qualified nomination is received, that person is appointed. If 2 or more nominations come in the Area Governor holds an Area Council Meeting to conduct an election. If no nominations are received the District Governor is left with the responsibility of finding the incoming Area Governor.

I have prepared a page which sets out the new structure in a much more user friendly style than previous lists. Have a look at WA Toastmasters in 2008/09.

The standard procedure wont work this time

For example, look at new Area W16. The 4 Clubs are

Foothills – was in W28
Successful – was in W21
Southsiders – was in W21
Canning Vale – was or is in W28

Which Area Governor is responsible for finding a new Area Governor for W16?
Judith Allen? the current W16 Governor with no clubs from her current W16
Ross Wilkinson? current W28 Governor
Steve Barry? current W21 Governor
None of these?

Judith has been busy finding a Governor for P30 which now contains the clubs that were formerly in W16. Michael Malone is the current P30 Governor. Presumeably he is busy looking for a Governor for new I1, which contains most of the clubs currently in P30.

I’m not attacking the new structure. There are very good reasons why W16 clubs have moved into P30 and P30 clubs have moved into I1. Judith and Michael have an easy job in identifying their target clubs. However as I have shown in the new W16 it is combination of 2 clubs from W21 and 2 from W28. Ross and Steve can be relied on to work cooperatively here, since they both belong to Fremantle Gateway and Cannington Communicators, but their cooperation has little connection with the standard procedures.

My suggestion is that the District Governor supervises a non-standard solution to individual cases which need it. The new P20 stands out in this regard – 3 clubs, all from different current areas, plus a club which wont be chartered by June 30. There are other situations with somewhat less complex origins, particularly in our new Innercity Division.

Whatever is done, has to be done quickly, so that we have Area Governors in place for District Officer Training on Saturday, June 28.

Post your comment or your suggestions in the box below.

DCP – the race to the top

Durack and Victoria Quay in friendly rivalry

The top award for Clubs in the Distinguished Club Program each year is Presidents Distinguished Club. To gain that prestigious award, Clubs must have 20 financial members and get 9 or 10 of the 10 Goals.

Right now, Durack, in Area P30 of Perth Division, and Victoria Quay, in Area W21 of Western Division are equal on 8 Goals. They are the only clubs in the District with this number of Goals. To get their 9th Goal, Durack need to register 2 more CCs – Competent Communicators. To get their 9th Goal, Victoria Quay need to register one more new member. For both, their 10th Goal will come when the Club Officer Training registrations are posted. They both have fulfilled at least 4 Officers at each of the two Training modules, but the formal registration will take a few weeks (or months!!).

Of course it is always possible that Fremantle Gateway will leap up from 7 Goals to 9 and pip Durack or Victoria Quay on the post. This isn’t a big deal. Toastmasters International doesn’t award First Place to any club. It’s what you’ve got to on June 30 which counts.

You can see all the Distinguished Club progress results for all WA clubs at DCP0708

Member Award Stories

We have a new page on the website which features members who have achieved an award this year. It’s just begun, so there is only one story there right now, but it will build up rapidly because we have lots of members working for and achieving their personal goals in WA.

Have a look at the Stories Page

Old CL Application Form

At Club Officer Training today, some members wanted a link to this Form, which is valid only until June 30, 2008.

You can find it under TM Award Applications in Information

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