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District WA Prerequisites

What do we have to do to make it happen?

The application has gone in to World Headquarters.  If they give a provisional approval for our WA District there will be conditions.

    1. We must have 60 viable clubs
    2. We need an average of 20 members per club
    3. We need a pool of strong, dedicated leaders

60 viable clubs?

Today we have 50 clubs. Some of them seem to be weak in numbers. For every one that goes down, we need a new one.

We expect to have the Kalamunda Club chartered very soon. There are plans for a club at Applecross. Highgate is a prospective area. We have started. There will be more exciting news soon.

Can we put on 10 new clubs from July to next May? Yes we can! In 2007/08 we put on 12 new clubs. That was a big effort and gave us the credibilty to begin our push for our own District. It will take another big effort, but we can do itl

An average of 20 members per club?

That is 1200 members in 60 clubs! At June 5, we had 847 members in 50 clubs. That is an average of 17 members per club. Right now we are short of 150 members at 3 per club. It looks daunting. This current year we have had a significant real loss across all Divisions. See the analysis at WA Membership Analysis 08/09.

It will be a big challenge, but we can do it. We have to lift our current 850 to 1200. The 10 new clubs will give us 200+ members. Our existing clubs are the key here – membership – not just hold the line, but grow.

The leadership pool?

Not just the top four – a District Governor, a Lt Governor Education & Training, a Lt Governor Marketing and a Public Relations Officer. By then we will have three more Areas and another Division. So we will need

    4 Division Governors
    16 Area Governors
    A Treasurer and Secretary

They will come from the clubs.

We need a trained, effective set of Club officers, particularly the Presidents and Vice-Presidents. The coming Club Officer Training sessions rank as the most important in WA Toastmaster’s 25 year history. The next month will set the scene.

What do you think? Post your comments and suggestions below.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator

WA Membership disaster

Yes, the WA membership figures for 2008/09 are a disaster

I have prepared a full analysis which you can survey with gloomy understanding at the disaster page

What does the page of figures deal with?

This is an analysis of the membership situation in WA Clubs, Areas and Divisions, current to the latest figures from Toastmasters International on June 12

The brutal truth is that the year has really been a membership disaster.

Our credibility in the push for District WA has been damaged. Mike Helm and David Nicholas (sorry, that’s me) have propped up the membership figures in Innercity and Perth Divisions with 4 new clubs – shown in green on the page. That is why their overall Division figures are not as bad as Western.

How does this analysis help in any way?

OK. So, perhaps it is a disaster. Why don’t we hide our heads in shame and think of other things. We only have 3 weeks left for this year, so there is unlikely to be much significant change by June 30.

No! No! No! Let’s learn from it and do something about it in the new year. The page is aimed at our incoming Division and Area Governors.

Start planning now to be successful in 12 months time

This year is as good as over. There is no value in crying over spilt milk. Learn and act.

Make 2009/10 our best year ever

Come to District Officer Training
It’s on Saturday June 27. Apply what you learn
Attend both Club Officer Training sessions
They are on July 11 in Subiaco and July 16 in Fremantle. Make contact with your Club Officers
Hold regular Council Meetings
Make them at least every 3 months, starting in August
Identify strong and weak clubs in your Area or Division
Get the latest figures at the DCP report on this website
Work with the strong clubs to build up the CC and AC awards. Work with the weak clubs to strengthen their membership
Get help to go +1 with a new Club
Contact the District Lt Governor Marketing, Mark Richards, and the WA New Clubs Coordinator, David Nicholas

What do you think now you have looked at the disaster page? Is the analysis too extreme?
Is there a more favorable view of the raw figures?
What about the suggested program for the new year?
Have you an alternative plan?

Have your say. Add your contribution below.

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
Western Division Governor 2009/10

Perth Division Finals Nov 8 2008



Perth Division held the Humorous and Table Topics Contest Finals on Saturday November 8, 2008 hosted by WA Governors at the Subiaco Community Centre Subiaco.

The winners will represent the Division at the District 73 Finals during 22-24 May 2009.


Lynda t’Hart (WA Governors) was Contest Chair and Alan Smith (WA Governors) was Chief Judge.

The warm up speech was delivered by Pascale Amberville-Colby (WA Governors).

Trina Williams Trina Williams

Trina Williams (Area 10, Stirling) won with her speech titled “It’s a pretty wonderful feeling”  which took us on a journey pre birth though various situations including today.

Peter Erskine (Area 20, Maunsells) was runner up with his speech titled “Longevity” which took us on the journey in the complete opposite with a little help from Woody Allen.







P10 Area Governor Cybele Katavatis was Contest Chair and Inner City Division Governor Ian Pickens was Chief Judge.  The topic was “Who do you think is an Australian National living Icon?”

Judith Allen Judith Allen

Judith Allen (Area 30, Swan) won with her choice of Dame Edna, Barry Humphries and Sir Les Patterson, three for the price of one. 

The runner-up was David Barton (Area 10, Stirling) who took a different view!







Maree Pickens Maree Pickens

Congratulations to the host club WA Governors and Maree Pickens (who will also be competing in the Humorous Contest in Hahndorf) for organising and then running the day as Sergeant of Arms!!

Congratulations to all the contestants and special congratulations to our two winners who will represent our division with aplomb in May 2009.



Thank you  to the host club, WA Governors and Maree Pickens, contestants, Contest Chairs, Judges, Tally Counters, Usher and Timekeepers and Sergeant at Arms and fellow Toastmasters who attended to support Perth Division Toastmasters.

And thanks to Perth Division Governor Bill Hewitt for the story and photos.

President’s Distinguished for both Perth and Western Divisions

First Perth

Perth Division reached President’s Distinguished Division last Friday, June 20, 2008. At that point Gil Alexander was the only President’s Distinguished Governor in District 73. Congratulations, Gil.

Now Western

And now today, June 25, 2008, Western Division has reached President’s Distinguished. Congratulations President’s Distinguished Governor, Mark Richards.

Plus a triumph for District Governor Mike Helm

Yes, District 73 has reached Distinguished status and may be on the way to Select Distinguished. More of that next week.

Contest Results from Perth Division

The Contests were held at Durack House on Wednesday evening, April 2, 2008

Thanks to Bill Hewitt for this story and the picture of Tri

Tri Suseno
Tri Suseno

Tri Suseno from Young Guns scooped the pool. He represented P30 in both the International and the Evaluation Contests.

He will represent Perth Division at the District Convention in Lilydale in May.

The International

His speech was titled “How to fail in Life”. It was a message for all of us – don’t do the stuff that will make you fail!!!!! The speech was entertaining, informative and delivered with Tri’s flair. If you didn’t hear it you missed out!!! The runner up was Al Tassone from Curtin and he excelled himself. The title of his speech “Just Smile” is a reflection on a period of Al’s life while he was an apprentice chef and is one of his most cherished lessons.

Gawain Simpson (“Step up”) set the standard as the first speaker delivering a very thought provoking personal story with his call to action for us to “step up” when times are tough. The final contestant was Jeremy Mowe (“The Power of Forgiveness”) who shared some historical moments to show that the power to forgive is important for all of us. Both should be proud of their achievements.

Well done to all contestants and congratulations to Tri and Al on your great efforts!!!

The Evaluation Contest

Glaucia Hyland from Curtin was the Test Speaker. Her speech title was “What’s in a Flag” (It was her Project 8 Speech). The material was well researched and then presented in Glaucia’s clear, confident, organised style. Glaucia, as always, like Al, smiled and engaged the audience throughout the presentation. Well done and a big thanks to Glaucia for standing up and helping out with the contest and allowing the Evaluating Contestants compete!!

Tri gave a very well delivered thoughtful, analytical and motivational evaluation to win this contest. I thought it was fantastic, as did the Judges and Glaucia. The Judges and Glaucia couldn’t be wrong!!!

The runner up was Pascale Amberville-Colby who delivered his evaluation in his unforgettable style and was rewarded with second place. Pascale also coordinated and pulled the contest together and had one of the largest contingents of TM Volunteers seen at a contest.

David Barton and Jeremy Mowe should both be proud of their achievements.
Well done to all contestants and congratulations to Tri and Pascale on your success.


Special thanks go to Western Division Governor Mark Richards as the Chief Judge and all the volunteers, Ann, Charles, Christine, Johannes, Judith, Kevin, Leith, Leonor, Liz, Lynne, Lynette, Maree, Martin, Mauve, Nola and Taia.

Durack Toastmasters were the host club and provided the venue and a sumptuous supper enjoyed by all. A very big thank you to Durack.
The trophies were presented by District 73 Governor Mike Helm and Division Governor Gil Alexander.

Pascale thanked all his volunteers, the contestants, test speaker and the audience (including members from our newly formed Ngarlundhu Wangka club) for their contribution to very entertaining, inspiring and educational evening.

The Perth Division Contest was thoroughly enjoyed by all and many of us look forward to witnessing the District Contests at Lilydale in May 2008.

Bill Hewitt

Young Guns Secretary

Western Division Winners

Contest Results from March 29, 2008

You can view a slideshow of all the pictures in this post by clicking on any one of them. Try it.

Claire Lacey

Claire Lacey from Victoria Quay is the Western Division representative for the District 73 final in Melbourne in May this year.

Claire spoke on “Never let your brain retire”. She opened dramatically with “Beep beep beep beep…..” and then told of the death of Lucy at 67, who had given up on life, and whose brain had shrunk. Use it or lose it, she told us dramatically. She followed this with stories of her grandfather who had sunk into depression and was ready to die, but recovered and lived for another happy 10 years. And then there was Doris, at 70 enrolling for another degree at University, energetic and vibrant. It was an excellent International quality speech because Claire applied the lessons of these three people to everybody in the audience – use it or lose it. Never let our brains retire. Live Life!

Claire told Chief Judge Mike Helm that she had been a member of Toastmasters for just 12 months. She was very grateful for the opportunities she had received at Victoria Quay, and particularly for the intense coaching for this speech she had received from Glenis and David Nicholas.


Judith Allan

Mark Richards
Mark Richards

Two Contests were held – the International and the Evaluation. The Contests were hosted by Swan and Morning Star and held in the Midland Community Centre. The whole afternoon was brilliantly organised by W16 Area Governor Judith Allen on behalf of Western Division Governor Mark Richards.

Introducing the Contests Mark told us of the great success Western Division is enjoying this year. We have 4 new Clubs so far – WA Governors, Touch of Gold in Kalgoorlie, Cannington Communicators and Canning Vale. As well two Western Division Clubs are among the top 3 in the Distinguished Club Program in District 73 – Victoria Quay and Gateway. He urged us to keep up the good work and to enjoy the contests.

The Evaluation Results

Tania Park Evaluation 1st

Charles Fisher Evaluation 2nd

First was the Evaluation Contest with test speaker Wayne Brown. It was won by Tania Park from Jetty and second was Charles Fisher from Western Founders.


The International Results

Claire Lacey International 1st

After the break for afternoon tea we enjoyed the International. First of course was Claire Lacey from Victoria Quay and second James Park from Jetty.

James Park International 2nd

Toastmasters – Perth Division leads the way

Toastmasters Distinguished Club Program

For the latest results from World Headquarters for your WA club up to February 8, go to the DCP page

For your Club’s Member Awards go to the Awards page

District Officers may be interested in how our District is tracking at the present time. Read the analysis below.

An analysis of District 73 overall at the present time

The Distinguished Club Program (the DCP) is a powerful incentive for Club success. There are 10 Goals for Clubs to aim at, with three award levels – Distinguished with 5 Goals, Select Distinguished with 7 Goals and President’s Distinguished with 9 goals. A Club must have 20 members to be Distinguished. Areas and Divisions have similar awards.The 2 Divisions and 36 Clubs in WA are doing very well, but overall District 73 is not doing well at this point. Unless there is a marked improvement, District 73 will not be Distinguished this year. There will be enough Advanced Communicator Awards, but the Competent Communicator Awards are lagging very badly.

Perth Division is leading the Club DCP awards in District 73

There are 9 Divisions in District 73 (a Division has 4-6 Areas, and each Area has 3-6 Clubs). 3 Divisions have no Clubs which have reached the requirements for Distinguished Club.

However Western Division is leading the Division Speech awards

This is a count of all the Speech Awards for all Clubs in all Divisions

Here is a summary of the Distinguished Clubs in District 73, sorted by Division.

Division Club Club Goals Individual Club Speech Awards Total Division Speech Awards Division CC Awards
Bass None 15 8
Central More than Words
Speakers on the Terrace
16 8
Eastern Hawthorn 5 4 13 6
Metropolitan Postmasters 5 4 27 12
Northern None 17 10
Perth Curtin
Rising Stars
City of Perth
22 9
Ranges Lilydale
24 11
Southern None 9 7
Western Gateway
Victoria Quay
31 11

A final comment on the CC count

Each year there is always a strong increase in the CC count in May and June. However, 82 CCs in over 7 months is not a good base to achieve another 122 in less than 5 months. Division and Area Governors need to encourage their Clubs to work to achieve Distinguished status, and particularly to lodge CC applications.

Young Guns

Michael Malone
Michael Malone

Congratulations to Mike Helm and Michael Malone for the Charter of Young Guns. The Club was officially registered on April 24, as Club 995774, but the news was only posted early this morning, May 1.

Young Guns meets every second Tuesday evening from 6.30-7.45 at Level 10, 111 St Georges Terrace. It meets tonight, May 1. You can get more information by checking out the website or by emailing Michael.

Mike Helm
Mike Helm

The new Club has been assigned to P30. Michael is the P30 Area Governor and Mike is the Perth Division Governor. For Mike, the Sponsorship of the new Club is an important qualification for his imminent Distinguished Toastmaster Award (his DTM). As well, it will be a strong indication of his inspirational leadership, as part of his campaign to be elected District 73 Governor for next year.

West Australians will be strongly behind Mike’s campaign. If he is successful he will be the first West Australian to be District 73 Governor.

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