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Canning Vale is chartered

Success for Western Division Governor Mark Richards

Mark Richards
Mark Richards

With the help of Robyn Richards as co-founder and a team of supporters Mark has steered Canning Vale to charter.

The background

Mark and Robyn live in Canning Vale. Robyn has a business there. Mark is a postman at the Canning Vale Centre. They had a general intention to start a club close to home. Then Mark joined the New Clubs Planning Committee organised by WA New Clubs Coordinator David Nicholas and became a founding member of WA Governors. From his experience with Governors and detailed discussions with David Nicholas he realised that money is a key issue with starting community clubs. They have to be advertised – which costs. A venue has to be booked – which costs. Who would help?

The business plan

Mark is a postman. What if he was to get printed a set of flyers and in his own time letterbox them in Canning Vale? A great idea. The cost of the flyers – a bit less than $400. Enter District 73 – there is money available in the Marketing budget for publicity. So Robyn booked a great venue – the Canning Vale College. Who would help with the cost? WA Governors contributed $250 and Mark’s home club, Victoria Quay, $300. That covered the expenses of the venue, supper and some printing.

Mark got on his bike and the flyers lodged in the letterboxes.

The Demonstration Meeting

What a success! March 11, 6.30 pm at the Canning Vale College in Dumbarton St. 62 people, including 11 Toastmasters. Have a look at the Agenda, if you want to see how it was done.

The meeting was vibrant and successful. The Question and Answer session at the end had Mark and David busy answering queries from people who obviously intended to join. Robyn was ready with Charter Member Application Forms (they are different from the standard 404 New Member Applications). Alan Smith, Treasurer for both Victoria Quay and WA Governors, was there with a receipt book and took joining fees from several people who paid on the spot.

The Charter Meeting

Of course Canning Vale meets weekly – the top 4 Clubs in District 73 at this point all meet weekly. So next week on March 18th, with application forms and fees pouring in before and after the meeting, Canning Vale held its formal business meeting, adopting the name, the Constitution and the Bylaws and elected the Officers. Here they are. (Click on any one to see a slideshow of all.)

The Club Executive

RobynRichards_CV_Pres.jpg MarkRichards0803_100.jpg PhyllLightbodyCV_VPE__Apprentice.jpg BillyGriffiths_CV_VPM.jpg
Robyn Richards
Mark Richards
Vice President Education
Phyll Lightbody
VP Education Apprentice
Billie Griffiths
Vice President Membership
DianaVeitch_CV_VPPR.jpg JennyRamshaw_CV_Sec.jpg MickTurner_CV_Treas.jpg MichaelGeisler_CV_SAA.jpg
Diana Veitch
Vice President Public Relations
Jenny Ramshaw
Mick Turner
Michael Geisler
Sergeant at Arms

Send the documents and payment to World Headquarters

A club isn’t chartered until not only the documents have been sent, but the payment had been made to World Headquarters. Mark didn’t muck around. Off it went and the Charter was registered on March 19 – Club 1133609, Canning Vale Toastmasters.

Congratulations to Mark and Robyn, the Founders.

Congratulations to Steve Barry and Ross Wilkinson, both from Gateway, who are Club Mentors for the first 6 months. Congratulations to all the Toastmasters who helped with the brilliant Demonstration Meeting. Amazed admiration to District 73, to WA Governors and Victoria Quay who came up with money. And our best wishes to all the Founding Members and those who have joined since. You have a vibrant, energetic club with committed officers. And you meet weekly. Next year I’m sure you will be up there with the top clubs in the District.

Canning Vale on April 8th, 2008

The Club
At the meeting on Tuesday evening, April 8, 2008

This is a confusing issue for many new clubs.

Canning Vale was chartered in March, and therefore the 6 months membership fees took them up to the end of August. But Renewals were due by the end of March. Mark was equal to the occasion. He sent off the US$4.50 per member for the extra month. Canning Vale has renewed. (That’s an example for our other new clubs, chartered since October, 2007.)

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Club Coordinator

Ngarlundu Wangka is chartered

District 73’s first Indigenous club

Ngarlundhu Wangka – the club’s name takes a word each from an Indigenous language in the north and south of Western Australia, combined to mean “my words”. Membership is open to members of the Indigenous community.

The idea of a club for members of the Indigenous community came from Maurice Agale, a policy officer in the Perth office of the National Native Title Tribunal, in an email to our community contact, Eric Davies, in the middle of last year. District Governor Mike Helm followed up in a number of meetings with Maurice. Maurice loved the Toastmasters concept, started putting the word around and secured sponsorship from the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Mike was strongly assisted by WA New Clubs Coordinator David Nicholas, and was fortunate to recruit as club mentor Rising Stars member Durga Bhamidipaty who has a strong empathy for people and commitment to their development.

A freak storm didn’t help to attract people our demonstration meeting in December and we had a small turnout. About 17 people attended our second meeting in February. The next two meetings involved a small group of the commiteds plus a few who came along to check us out. Our meeting on 19th March was a breakthrough with an impressive group of guests who agreed to sign up, taking the club to charter strength.

Already, we can see the improvement in members’ presentation skills, and some new members have reported that Toastmasters has given them new confidence, improvement in family communication and has even helped with a successful job application.

At a national Indigenous conference in Perth later this year, the new club is planning a debate against Australia’s only other Indigenous club from Redfern, New South Wales.

The Club Executive

MauriceAgale_President.jpg MikeHelm_VPE.jpg LaurelSellers_VPM.jpg
Maurice Agale
Mike Helm
Vice President Education
Laurel Sellers
Vice President Membership
StephenGrech_VPPR.jpg CarlyLane_Sec.jpg SarahStokoe_Treasurer.jpg
Stephen Grech
Vice President Public Relations
Carly Lane
Sarah Stokoe

The Club’s Founders are Mike Helm and David Nicholas, while the Mentors guiding the Club for its first 6 months are Sarah Stokoe and Durga Bhamidipaty.

When we look at their achievements so far and the great potential for the club and its members, what else can you say but Ngarlundhu Wangka – MY WORD!

Thanks to District 73 Governor, Mike Helm for the bulk of this story

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator

Renewals for new clubs

Your new club is not renewed until fees are paid up to Sep 30

This is how it works.

When a club is chartered, membership fees are paid for 6 months. That will cover the Renewal period during the 6 months, but not the Renewal period in the next 6 months. Individual membership is covered for the balance of 6 months after charter, but the club will not be counted as paid up until the balance of the Renewals is paid for at least 6 members.

The table below shows the Charter date for each of our 7 new clubs this year, and the current paid up status for members and the clubs. WA Governors is up to date because 5 months extra payments were made before March 31.

So, what should you do?

Best is immediately, or before April 10, to pay online the extra dues for your club members up to Sep 30. For 20 members that will be US$90 per month, or A$100 approximately.

Next best is immediately, or before April 10, to pay online the extra dues for 6 members up to Sep 30. That will cost US$27 per month, or A$30 approximately.

A must is to pay online the extra dues for your club members up to Sep 30 before June 30, 2008. Otherwise the Club will not count in the District list of Clubs.

How do you pay online with your very new club when you don’t have the password?

Go to the Club login

Go to the “If you have forgotten your Password” and select “click here”. Now fill in the form. Besides your name, club position, email, club number etc you will need your personal Member number. It is on the wrapper of the monthly copies of The Toastmaster. It is a good idea to keep a copy of that number available for various purposes. In my experience you will get the Password emailed to you within 24 hours.

Club Name Club # Charter Date Members paid to Shortfall per member
to Sep 30
WA Governors 1077268 Nov 24 2007 Sep 30 2008 0
Electric Toasters 1136995 Feb 6 2008 Jul 31 2008 US$9.00
Maunsell 1139179 Feb 12 2008 Jul 31 2008 US$9.00
Touch of Gold 1110743 Mar 1 2008 Aug 31 2008 US$4.50
Cannington Communicators 1150233 Mar 19 2008 Aug 31 2008 US$4.50
Canning Vale 1133609 Mar 19 2008 Aug 31 2008 US$4.50
Ngarlundhu Wangka 1074622 Mar 20 2008 Aug 31 2008 US$4.50

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM

If you want any further information or advice on this matter, email me,
or ring on 9457 6468

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator

Cannington Communicators has chartered

Club 1150233 in Area W28 of Western Division

Yes, it went up on the Toastmasters International website last night

Hard effective work has paid off

Gaylene Kelso CC

You can read about the background to this new club in a previous blog

The hard work was done by Gaylene. Mike Helm and I assisted with the Demonstration Meeting and then with the technicalities of the Application to Organise. Finally there were issues with organising the Charter payment to World Headquarters. All these problems were solved and now the Club is chartered.

Such was the enthusiasm among the new Officers that several attended a supplementary Club Officer Training session run by W28 Area Governor Ross Wilkinson on Thursday evening, March 20, the day after the official Charter date for the Club.

It was a big week for new clubs in Western Australia last week. Look out for a notice about Canning Vale and then for our new Indigenous Club Ngarlundhu Wangka.

But for now congratulations to Gaylene and the new team at Cannington Communicators.

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Club Coordinator

Cannington Communicators and Gaylene Kelso

Read about this new club started by a former Toastmaster

This is the story Gaylene told me about the amazing start to Cannington Communicators.

What do you do when your employer shifts you from Central Perth out to Cannington?

Gaylene Kelso CC

Well, you go of course, and leave behind your first Toastmasters Club. Now what? They meet at lunchtime. It’s very difficult to get there. There are no lunchtime clubs in Cannington, and evening clubs are a problem when you have a young family.

That was Gaylene’s problem. She had joined West End in September 2005. She had always had an interest in public speaking and enjoyed it immensely, but wanted to be a better public speaker. Coming from a singing and volunteer first aid lecturing background (spare time hobbies only), getting up in front of an audience wasn’t new to her, but she still lacked confidence and the skills to become a truly professional public speaker.

Icebreaker or Table Topics? Wow!!

At her first meeting, one member could not attend, so she was asked to give her “Ice Breaker” speech, which she did, totally unprepared, and was congratulated on a great first speech. As she said, “I felt so nervous and was still shaking afterwards, but I had taken my first step. It took me just over 12 months to complete all 10 project speeches and to attain my Competent Communicator Certificate.”

And then the axe fell

Just before she finished her CC, her office was shifted out to Cannington. She commuted in for the last 3 speeches to complete the award, but that wasn’t viable for the long term. In November 2006 Steven Reynolds, the President of West End suggested she start a club out in Cannington. Obvious, isn’t it! After several conversations with staff and management at the Department of Treasury and Finance, she got the ball rolling. She spoke with staff and planted the seeds to see what interest there was, if any. There seemed to be a bit of interest, so the next step was to “be seen”. In July 2007 she volunteered to make a 10-minute presentation on the work that her team does at a whole of staff meeting, approximately 100 people. After this presentation, as staff commented on a great speech she would reply, “Toastmasters, it’s just practice and confidence, and that’s what Toastmasters provides”.

Enter District Governor Mike Helm

District Governor Mike Helm

After this event, she really commenced the drive for the creation of a whole of department policy to be created, to ensure that Toastmasters was part of the training and professional development program. In November 2007, she contacted Mike Helm, who guided her through the processes involved. There was a bit of work involved, but it was simply a case of keeping the momentum going and ensuring that what needed to happen, actually happened. The Demonstration meeting was set for 19th February, and Gaylene advertised this to staff two weeks prior.

What a success!! Mike Helm and I were there, along with Western Division Governor Mark Richards and Robyn Richards. Of the 27 staff there 23 people signed up to join. Cannington Communicators! – a few formalities at the next meeting on March 4th, and it will be chartered. On the day Svend Beicher pitched in and was Timer. Timer? Yes, all that preparation wasn’t going to be spoilt by allowing the meeting to run overtime.

What benefits does Gaylene see for the new to Toastmasters members?

Gaylene’s replay was that “Cannington Communicators will have members from all backgrounds and levels of confidence and skill. They have great personal potential as individuals and as a successful Toastmasters Club. Members will gain confidence, skills and have the opportunity to practice these new skills in a friendly, non-threatening environment. Since the demonstration meeting, those people have emailed me and said to me in person ‘Thank you’. That is all I ever need to hear to know that the work I have done to make this happen is truly worth it.

What is Gaylene’s work role at the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF)?

She is currently the Senior Project Officer for Online Solutions, Department of Treasury and Finance. She manages the portal and works closely with the Office of e-Government on a variety of projects for whole of government IT solutions. Toastmasters, has given her the confidence to get this position and to effectively respond to questions at high-level meetings. She also studies part-time at University, where she has had to make several presentations. She has always had confidence at University and at work to make presentations because that’s what Toastmasters has given her, çonfidence and skill.

What about you? Do you want to start a club at your work?

Gaylene says, go for it! Ask for help, and you will get it. District Officers offered all the help she needed to make it happen. She says they made it an easy process. It was a team effort for this to get going and as a result, Cannington Communicators will be a great team of successful public speakers and communicators, now and in the future.

Where can you get help to start a club?

There’s plenty of help available. You can email any one of District Governor Mike Helm or WA New Clubs Coordinator David Nicholas or Western Division Governor Mark Richards. All three are part of the New Clubs team in WA. Include a contact phone number in your message so we can discuss your needs and suggest the best way to go about it.

David 071224
David Nicholas

This story was written by David Nicholas. Add your comments or queries.

New Clubs – Jan to June 2008

Why do we need new Clubs?

Just like clubs always need to be looking for new members, so WA always needs to be looking to grow with new clubs.

We have a pafticular need right now

There is a strong chance that we can form our own District in the next few years if we can grow our club numbers to 60. That will be a great advance for us – all our District Contests and Annual Conventions will be held in WA rather than mostly in Fictoris and South Australia. It is worth working for.

We have many opportunities right now to form new Clubs

I am the WA New Clubs Coordinator. We have a steering committee which has been very active. Already one new Club has been chartered – that is WA Governors – and 3 more have reached Charter strength and are about to be Chartered – Touch of Gold in Kalgoorlie, Mausells in North Perth and Electric Toasters in central Perth. 6 more Clubs are being set up right now. There is interest in and plans for more than 8 more clubs besides these. So, you can see there are many new clubs starting or on the drawing boards.

What’s in it for you to take part in forming new Clubs?

  • It is a leadership opportunity which will expand your skills

There are many important roles, and they give you the opportunity to try out new skills and practise themn in a supportive environment. You will take these leadership skills into your work and business roles outside Toastmasters.

  • You can achieve a necessary qualification for your DTM

Distinguuished Toastmaster (DTM) is the highest award in Toastmasters International. One of the critical qualificastions is to be a Founder or Mentor of a new Club. (or to be a Club Coach for a failing Club) With new Clubs there are many opportunities for you to beet this requirement and to be recognized for your achievement.

  • There is a lot of advice and practical help available for you.

Our New Clubs Committee includes major Toastmaster leaders and people with practical experience in setting up New Clubs. They are still actively working to form New Clubs. They will welcome your help, and train you in the necessary skills.

Where can you get more information?

David Nicholas is the WA New Clubs Coordinator. Start with him. Or contact one the talented committee.

    Mike Helm – District 73 Governor
    Gil Alexander – Perth Division Governor
    Mark Richards – Western Division Governor
    Jeanette Farrar – District 73 Secretary
    Michael Malone – P30 Area Governor
    Ross Wilkinson – W28 Area Governor
    Eric Davies – WA Community Contact

New Clubs in WA – the problem


Have we really got a problem?

Yes we have – the best kind of problem. We have so many new clubs coming onstream that we are running out of Founders and Mentors to service them.

Check out the list of coming new clubs below, but first read about the Founder/Mentor crisis and opportunity.

Why do we need Founders and Mentors

Founders set up the club and take it through to Charter. A Club is chartered when there are at least 20 financial members, Officers have been elected, Bylaws have been established, and fees paid to World Headquarters. Two Founders can be registered at Charter.

Mentors join the club and complete at least 6 months membership. Their role is to give support and encouragement while the new members and officers get experience. Two Mentors can be registered for each new club at the time of Charter.

What’s in it for the Founders and Mentors

There are two particular rewards. The first is the satisfaction and experience gained from being a key part of the process of setting up a new club. The second is that both Founders and Mentors get credit towards a necessary requirement for the Advanced Leader Silver Award and the DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster – the highest award in Toastmasters.

Most members aiming for the DTM find this requirement the most difficult to achieve. Well, look at the possibilities below. All of these proposed new clubs are the result of confirmed interest. Some already have the necessary minimum of 20 members. Some already have all or some of the Founders/Mentors lined up. But there are plenty of opportunities available here for anybody looking for the chance to fill a Founder or Mentor role. Look for the gaps (the ?s), check the location, day and time and then choose your target.

New Clubs planned for WA in 2007/08

Club Location Day Time Founders Mentors Members
Touch of Gold Kalgoorlie Mon 7pm Davies, Allen ?? 24
WA Governors Mt Lawley Thu 6.30pm Helm, Nicholas Smith, Richards 20
Indigenous Perth Wed 5pm Helm, Nicholas ?? 0
Fremantle Gourmet Fremantle Thu 7pm Wilkinson, Barry t’Hart, ?? 12
Maunsells West Perth Tue 7am Davies, Fisher ?? 22
Electric Toasters Perth Thu 5.30pm Helm, ? ?? 23
Police East Perth ?? 7am? Cain, Adamson Hadrill, Parkin 0
Treasury 1 West Perth ?? ?? Major, ? ?? 0
Treasury 2 Cannington ?? ?? Major, ? ?? 0
Canning Vale Canning Vale ?? ?? Richards, ? ?? 0
Applecross Applecross ?? ?? ?? ?? 0
Joondalup Joondalup ?? ?? ?? ?? 0
Silver City East Perth ?? ?? Helm, ? ?? 0
Broome Broome ?? ?? ?? ?? 0
Kalgoorlie 2 Kalgoorlie Mon 7pm Davies, Allen ?? 0
Dampier Dampier ?? ?? ?? ?? 0

Welcome Stranger


A Touch of Gold in Kalgoorlie

Welcome Stranger
Welcome Stranger

Welcome Stranger is the name of largest gold nugget ever found. That was in Victoria in 1869.

Eric Davies has unearthed a Toastmaster Nugget in Kalgoorlie in 2007. With help from Judith Allen, Eric organised and ran a demonstration meeting in Kalgoorlie on Monday evening, October 22 (last night). It was a spectacular success. 38 visitors came to the meeting and 20 of them signed and paid for Applications to join. A temporary committee has been elected – President, Treasurer, Vice President Membership and Sergeant at Arms from the new members, while Eric will act as Vice President Education for the time being.

Touch of Gold is the name of the club. The next meeting will be in a fortnight’s time, on November 5th.


There are problems!!

Eric Davies
Eric Davies

Too many members? Yes, it looks like that will be a problem. It’s very difficult to give everybody enough meeting time once there are more than about 25 active members. The signs at present that there are likely to be many more than 25 as the word spreads.

Weekly or fortnightly? Right now some of the members want weekly, because they are on shifts and will have to miss meetings from time to time. Missing a meeting is a lot less of a problem with weekly meetings than fortnightly. But several of the new members are young mums, and they see problems in being able to attend weekly, so they would like fortnightly meetings. Which will it be? Particularly when it is clear that there are going to be too members for just one fortnightly club.

If only more of our clubs had these kinds of problems

Eric and Judith will have their work cut out helping the members make critical decisions about their future. In the meantime we will keep your up to date on progress in this exciting development, riding the crest of the resources boom. And you can also check out the Touch of Gold Website for updates.

WA Governors – a new Club

We need a leadership group for WA which will drive the growth required to form our own District. WA Governors is a specialist Club servicing Toastmasters in WA who have been, who are now or are thinking of becoming an Area or Division Governor. This is the leadership group we need.

Come to the first meeting of the new Club

It is being held on Thursday evening, October 18th, at Michael Malone’s house, 73 Monmouth St, Mt Lawley from 6.15 for a 6.30 start to 8.30 pm. The meeting runs from 6.30-8.00 with a light supper and time for socialising after that. There is no meeting charge, but you can join the club, and get benefits from being a foundation member.

What will WA Governors do?

This will be a very different kind of club from any currently running across the District. A brainchild of current District Governor Mike Helm, it will be an Advanced Club, meeting monthly. Of course there will be speeches and evaluations, but in addition there will be marketing and policy planning along with specialist training programs. Current Area and Division Governors will be able to call on the experience of previous governors, while members thinking of taking a senior leadership role will get advice and training to prepare them.

Why would you be interested in joining WA Governors?

  • Do you want to meet with other experienced, skilful and energetic WA Toastmasters?
  • Do you want to help locate and train coming leaders?
  • Do you want to complete your DTM requirements by founding or mentoring a new Toastmaster Club?
  • Do you want to be part of the leadership group that will drive WA Toastmasters to the goal of our own District?

That’s just a few of the reasons you could be interested in joining us.

It wont cost an arm and a leg to join

The joining fee will be a modest A$35. This will cover the fee to Toastmasters International, since all members will already belong to a Toastmaster Club and be Dual members. Running costs during the year will be very low because we plan to hold meetings in members’ homes, moving around the suburbs. This will be very appropriate to our membership who will come from a wide cross section of Clubs in Perth. In addition, some committed members have already helped run a Speechcraft Course and funds from that will be in the new Club’s bank account by the first meeting.

A Planning Committee has already met and elected some Officers.

At a meeting on September 15th, elections were held. These Officers will hold their positions until the first official meeting of the new Club on October 18. The Officers are:

Mike Helm, President & District 73 Governor
David Nicholas, Vice President Education & WA Marketing Coordinator
Alan Smith, Treasurer & District Treasurer
Mark Richards, Secretary & Western Division Governor

A bank account has been set up. Alan can give you the official receipt for your $35 membership application.

Mike Helm
Mike Helm DTM

Do you want more information?

You can email Mike Helm or phone him on 0419 962 394
You can email David Nicholas or phone him on 9457 6468

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM

New Clubs in WA

WA leaders have set an ambitious target – 8 new Clubs in WA this year.

David Nicholas is the WA New Clubs Coordinator and he has been appointed to lead the charge. He has gathered a talented group to coordinate the activities.

    Mike Helm – District 73 Governor
    Gil Alexander – Perth Division Governor
    Mark Richards – Western Division Governor
    Jeanette Farrar – District 73 Secretary
    Michael Malone – P30 Area Governor
    Ross Wilkinson – W28 Area Governor
    Eric Davies – WA Community Contact

Already there is a lot of activity.

Fremantle Gourmet

Ross Wilkinson, with the help of co-founder Mark Richards, has sent off a Charter Application for Fremantle Gourmet. This is an Advanced Club which meets every second Thursday of the month at 6pm for a 6:30 pm start in the Fremantle Club, in High Street. There were 25 prospective members at the most recent meeting. “It’s a great success,” Ross told me. “Its not for everybody, but we are finding lots of people want to attend an evening meeting which is a night out with good food. And that’s what we’ve got at the Fremantle Club. We have a regular Toastmaster Meeting in a competely separate room, with a choice of fine meals.” This club is being sponsored by Gateway. Any interested Toastmaster can contact Ross on 0412 383 386 or via email

An Indigenous Club

Mike Helm had a contact in Indigenous Affairs, who was very interested in setting up a Toastmaster Club to service the needs of a growing number of talented and trained indigenous workers in Perth. The arrangements are now in place for this club which will meet in at room at the Commonwealth Law Courts, at the bottom of Victoria Avenue. While Mike is away at the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas, David Nicholas is completing arrangements so the club can start functioning and charter towards the end of September. This club is being sponsored by Central Communicators.

A Kalgoorlie Club

WA Toastmasters had a thriving Club in Kalgoorlie until 11 years ago when one of the periodic slumps devastated the group there. But now we have we have the mother of all Resources Booms. Eric Davies, our WA Community Contact, has been receiving a steadily increasing stream of enquiries from people in the Kalgoorlie region. He and Judith Allen, the W16 Area Governor, are currently running a Speechcraft course to raise funds to promote a new Club in Kalgoorlie. In fact Eric told me that as soon as they have found a suitable venue he and Judith will plan a Demonstration Meeting. “It will take some hard work,” he said, “but we could have a club up there by Christmas.”

WA Governors Club

Western Founders has decided to sponsor a new club in Western Division. The idea came from Mike Helm and David Nicholas successfully proposed the club take up the idea. The club will be an Advanced Club meeting monthly on Thursday evenings. It will be a forum for previous Area and Division Governors, for current Governors and for prospective governors. The pooled experience from the past, shared with current real life problems and solutions will be a powerful melting pot which will lead to innovative and solidly based plans and practices in WA. As Michael Malone, P30 Area Governor and a member of Western Founders, put it – “We can hold our Area and Division Council Meetings as part of the new Club’s activities. It will be great.”

More new clubs?

Ross Wilkinson says that Fremantle Gourmet will be just the first of a group of Gourmet Clubs. “Fremantle next month,” he said, “Central Perth the following month, and the Northern and Eastern Suburbs soon after. There is a need here, and we can service that need.”

If you have a suggestion about the possibility of other new clubs for our coordinating committee to investigate, write a comment at the end of this post, or send an email to David Nicholas

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