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Club Officer Training Saturday 10th July 2010

After the success of the Thursday evening Training, the Bob Daniels Centre in Inglewood played host to the Saturday sesssion. With nearly 80 Club Officers in attendance, we were looking at record numbers. The format was much the same and here are some photographic highlights. 

Maree Pickens

Maree Pickens was the Toastmaster and she knew how to wield that gavel!

Robyn and Mark Richards

Mark Richards suddenly finds the Agenda very interesting as Robyn looks on

Mark Richards

Then Mark was up to tell us all about the TMI web site.

David and Glenis Nicholas

David and Glenis Nicholas were absorbed by Mark's Workshop.

Kristin McIntosh

Kristin McIntosh was up directing traffic or maybe she was workshopping the Distinguished Club Programme

Ross Wilkinson

Someone else was trying to hide, but we know who you are...............

Ross Wilkinson

...........................step forward Ross Wilkinson!

Lynette Delaine

Telling everyone about next year's Convention, "Swansong on the Swan" was Lynette Delaine

Lynette Delaine and Maree Pickens

Just before Lynette had been working hard behind the scenes with Maree Pickens

David Nicholas

Then there was David Nicholas showing us all the goodies on his Toastmasterswa site

Sean Pascale Vicky

Then there's the people you always find in the kitchen at parties!

Are the pies ready yet?

Well done to everyone, for a second, extremely well organised, session of Club Officer Training.

Getting your Contact Details right everywhere!

It was brought home to me today just how important it is to get yout details correct everywhere that your club has left them. My own club received a query on behalf of another club where a member of the public wished to join. How good was that? The fellow didn’t want to just attend a meeting he wanted to join. The problem was he couldn’t find any contact details that worked!

The details at TMI were out of date as were those on the Contact Us page of the web site. It was fortunate that I knew members of the club and eventually we were able to pass on details.

It was a salutory lesson in how important it is to keep those details bang up to date. Remember where you have lodged all your contatact details too. It’s not just the obvious places like your web site but also maybe in Libraries, with Councils and Community Newspapers.

I just can’t emphasise enough how important it is to keep those details up to date.

Distinguished Club, Area & Division Goals

How to be Distinguished – Clubs, Areas and Divisions

Clubs Areas Divisions
Distinguished Club Distinguished Area – 4 of these 5 Goals Distinguished Division
To be Distinguished – minimum membership 20
OR a net increase of 5
75% of Oct dues by Nov 15 No net club loss
There are 10 Goals 75% of April dues by May 15 50% of areas are distinguished
(1) 2 CCs (9) Both of the next 2
Average of 1.75 CCs per club by June 30 Select Distinguished Division
(2) 2 more CCs 4 Officers at COT (1) Average of .5 ACs per club by June 30 No net club loss
(3) 1 AC 4 Officers at COT (2) 60% of clubs become Distinguished 75% of areas are distinguished
(4) more AC (10) Both of the next 2 below Select Distinguished Area
all 5 of the above + all 3 of these
President’s Distinguished Division
(5) CL, ALB or DTM 1 Renewal on time 80% of Area Reports for 1st round by Nov 30 Achieve goals for select distinguished division
(6) more CL, ALB or DTM 1 Officer List on time 80% of Area Reports 2nd round by May 31 Net growth of one club or more
(7) 4 new members President’s Distinguished Area
all 8 of the above
60% of Clubs 20+ members by June 30
(8) 4 more new members + a net gain of at least 1 club
Distinguished – 5 or 6 Goals
Select Distinguished -7 or 8 Goals
President’s Distinguished – 9 or 10 Goals

Area Governor? What a year!

One year out, what was it like being an Area Governor?

 At first it was bewildering. Despite District Officer Training (DOT) and an exhaustive manual there just seemed to be so much to do.

First up after you have been trained there are two sessions of Club Officer Training (COT) you really should attend both sessions. You need to be there to support the clubs in your Area and to support the District Executive. You will probably find yourself volunteered to help somewhere. Remember also that each Club needs to have 4 of its Officers in attendance at both sessions of COT to achieve one of its Distinguished Club Programme (DCP) goals.

I was very fortunate in having a supportive ex-Governor in Sue Voloczi and Division Governor in David Nicholas. The Club and Area Humorous and Table Topics contests seem to be on you almost immediately. It’s important to remember, as it is with most things as an Area Governor, that this is not your personal responsibility. It is important to delegate. You have to be sure that people will actually do what they have volunteered to do (and be prepared to be let down too, have some reserves if possible).

You will also probably be asked to supply Judges and to be a Judge in other Areas. This is of a reciprocal nature so the more you put in the more you get back. It’s also very good experience. You should also be encouraging more experienced club members in your Area to act as Judges.

Once these are over there is the Divisional contest and you may very well have a role to play on the day.

You should also try to get in an Area Executive meeting with the Presidents. VPM, VPE’s and VPPR’s of each of the clubs. It gives them a chance to get together and to share experiences and ideas.

Then it is time for your Club visits. You should already have been in contact with your clubs about their DCP. What are they doing to achieve all 10 goals? Some of the goals are easy, just administrative issues but important nonetheless. They will have been through all this at  COT but you need to ensure this is where they are focussed.

You might choose to deliver the ‘Moments of Truth” Eductional as part of your visit. If you don’t ‘know’ this Educational it is a great one, almost like a health check for clubs and there is a survey form for members to fill in. I collated mine for the club where I delivered it and whilst generally they scored highly there were two areas which were well below the rest. The club knew where to direct their efforts.

The Club visits are important and you should try to get on the Agenda to speak. Club members should know who you are and why you are there. It also allows you to gauge how well the clubs are run and do not be afraid of making adverse comments on your report if you feel they are justified. You should have discussed the issues with the Club President before you do so of course.

Once Christmas is over there is virtually a repeat of the first half of the TMI year. Club Officer Training, Club, Area and Divisional contests (International Speech and Evaluation this time) and another round of Area visits. The second round of Area visits will be much more focussed on the DCP, you are getting towards the pointy end of the TMI year. Are the Clubs going to achieve all their goals? What can you do to help?

Throughout all this you should also be looking at possibilities for forming a new club in your Area. I won’t go into details here that’s a subject for a blog on its own.

If you go through all this and keep your focus you will have had an exhausting but very enjoyable Toastmasters year. I know because I am just about to complete one!  Of course it is also one of your requirements if you are heading for a DTM. It can’t be that bad, I’m about to do it all over again. .

Distinguished Area Requirements

There is still time to be Distinguished

With two months to the closing date of June 30, 2010, there is still time to meet the requirements for Distinguished Area, or even Select Distinguished or the top award of President’s Distinguished.  The table below shows what you need to reach these goals if you started with 4 Clubs.  All our Areas did, except W21 with 3 Clubs, and Peter Law has already reached Select Distinguished, so I don’t need to give him the goals.  If you start with 4 Clubs and gain a new club, that does not change your goal requirements – but it does count towards your goals.

Distinguished Select Distinguished President’s Distinguished
Distinguished Area – 4 of these 5 Goals
75% of Oct dues by Nov 15 3
75% of April dues by May 15 3
Average of 1.75 CCs per club by June 30 7
Average of .5 ACs per club by June 30 2
60% of clubs become Distinguished 2
Select Distinguished Area – all 5 of the above
+ all 3 of these
80% of Area Reports for 1st round by Nov 30 3
80% of Area Reports 2nd round by May 31 3
60% of Clubs 20+ members by June 30 2
President’s Distinguished
all 8 of the above + a net gain of at least 1 club

For most Areas the major problem is the 7 CCs. You don’t need them for Distinguished, but you do for Select and President’s.

You can see a summary of all our WA Areas progress at Distinguished Area 2010

If you want to discuss your best methods to achieve Distinguished, Select Distinguished or President’s Distinguished, ring me on 0401 011 212 or email me at

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
Western Division Governor

Fremantle Gourmet tops the DCP

9 Goals at Oct 2, 2009!

Yes, Fremantle Gourmet, Club 1068213, has already achieved 9 Goals – enough for President’s Distinguished in the Distinguished Club Program.  Congratulations Gourmet.  The tenth Goal is some time away yet – it will come when at least 4 Club Officers attend the second round of training in February.  You can view a DCP report on all WA Clubs.

But not President’s Distinguished yet

To be Distinguished at all, including President’s Distinguished, a club has to have 20 members at June 30 (or have increased low numbers by at least 5 members).  Those numbers will not be recognised until the March Renewals have been lodged.  By then Gourmet will have been joined at the PD level by quite a few other clubs – particularly from Western Division.  But Gourmet has the honour of first to reach 9 Goals.  Congratulations to all Gourmet members, and particularly to President Jackie Perriman and Vice President Education Ross Wilkinson.

Western Division is also tops in the DCP

Only five Clubs in District 73 have so far registered 5 or more Goals in the DCP.  This is the target for Distinguished.  They are all from Western Division!

9 Goals Fremantle Gourmet in W28
8 Goals Canning Vale in W16
5 Goals Fremantle Gateway in W21
5 Goals Victoria Quay in W21
5 Goals Jetty in W29

Yes, each Area has at least one of these clubs.  And the word is out that some more Western Division Clubs will get an extra goal by next weekend.  In particular Canning Vale are confident of 9 Goals.

Western Division is aiming for the top

I have set my goal for my year as Western Division Governor to be the top performing Division in District 73 by Toastmaster International’s guidelines.  We have started particularly well.  Here is a graph which shows progress for all 10 Divisions in District 73 up to Oct 2, 2009.

Di73- Division-Performance-Oct209

You can follow current performance for a very large range of District 73 Reports at this site. It includes Club progress as well as District, Division and Area figures. Go to District 73 Reports Analysis Can we stay here on top until June 30 next year? I am confident we will.

Post your comments or suggestions in the box below.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
Western Division Governor
9457 6468

Western Division Report

Status report at August 14, 2009

Western Division has had an amazing start to the 2009/10 Year.

The Distinguished Club Program

Member awards across the whole of District 73, with its 10 Divisions, currently amount to 71 Awards.
Of these, Western Division has contributed 33 Awards – 45% of the total from the 10 Divisions. This is quite extraordinary.

Distinguished Club Goals across the District, with 10 Divisions, come to 57 DCP Goals.
Of these, 23 or 40%, come from Western Divisions. Again extraordinary.
Further Western has 2 clubs with 6 Goals!! right now – Canning Vale and Fremantle Gourmet.

What a start to the year for the hardworking members of Western Division. You can view the latest figures for Member Awards and Club DCP progress at
the website.

New Clubs

I have set a target for our 4 Area Governors – each has a goal of ending the year with at least one extra club in the Area.
Here is progress to date

  • W16, Governor Robyn Richards – John Palmer from Canning Vale has already had a Demonstration Meeting for the Jacaranda Gardens club
  • W21, Governor Peter Law – Ross Wilkinson from Gateway is close to finalising arrangements for a Demonstration Meeting for the Applecross Club
  • W28, Governor Gerry Prewett – Gerry from Cannington Communicators is close to finalising arrangements for a Demonstration Meeting for the Victoria Park Club
  • W29, Governor Michael Foster – Michael from Mandjar is close to finalising arrangements for a Demonstration Meeting for the Rockingham Club

Club Officer Training

Right now 10 of our 15 Clubs have had 4 or more Officers trained. 4 Clubs in W29 should be added to this number next weekend when Michael Foster conducts training down in Busselton. Only Amity is in difficulty of meeting the target.

Division Council Meeting

The Area Governors and I will be meeting together on Sunday afternoon, August 30 for an hour’s Council Meeting.
We will be discussing at least the following

  • Distinguished Club Progress in each Area
  • Prospective New Clubs
  • Governor Club visits
  • Club and Area Contests
  • Using the website
  • Criteria for Division and Area Awards

This is only the start

Yes! We have begun very well. Now we need to plan carefully and work hard to continue the success and make this the best year in the history of Western Division and District 73 – while District 73 still has us.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
Western Division Governor 2009/10
9457 6468

District Officer Training June 27 2009

Are you an incoming Area Governor? DOT is for you!

When you first take on the role of Area Governor you will have many questions about what you are expected to do. You get those important questions answered in 3 ways

First, read the Manual!

It has a clear outline of your role. As you work through your year you will refer to it repeatedly, getting more and more value from it as you gain more and more experience.

Here is an excellent piece of advice you may have heard in many situations. When in doubt, read the instructions.

Second, attend District Officer Training

The trainers have experience in being an Area Governor. They have read the Manual and applied it! They will give you a great deal of practical information and advice, based on the Manual and their experience. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Third, select a Mentor

Several of the Trainers at DOT live in Perth and are experienced former Area and Division Governors. Use them. Choose one (or perhaps two) to act as a guide and a mentor. They wont do the work for you, but they will give you advice when you ask for it, and alert you to important issues which you may have missed. Mark Richards, David Nicholas, Mike Helm and Ross Wilkinson are potential Mentors. Make contact. When DOT is finished for the day they will still be available to support you.

How do you get a Manual?

Come to WA Governors on Thursday evening, June 18. Manuals will be available at the meeting. Check the location details and time on the Event Calendar on this screen. Email David Nicholas for more details.

If you can’t make it to WA Governors this week email Mark Richards for more details. He will post it to you. It’s important you get it before DOT, so you can look at a few important sections in advance, to get the great benefit possible from the training.

When you first look at the Manual do two important things

First, look at the Table of Contents on pages 3 & 4. Get a general idea of what the Manual contains. Don’t spend too much time on this – you are not studying for a test. Just get a general idea of what is in there.

Second, read carefully pages 100, 101 and part of 102 to get an overall picture of the role of Area Governors. There is a lot more detail available, but this gives a good overall picture.

Third, (if you have time and the inclination for another one) glance through any other part of the Manual which looks interesting.

To prepare for DOT, have a look at the DOT Agenda

For more information or help you can call me, email me, or post your comment or query on this story.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

Michael Malone PD Again

Michael Malone
Michael Malone DTM
I40 Area Governor

President’s Distinguished Area Governor

President’s Distinguished is the highest award given in these categories


This is the third year Michael has been an Area Governor and yet again he is President’s Distinguished. The requirements for this are to meet all 8 targets for Area Governors and to have a net gain of at least 1 club in the Area. These are the clubs in I40

    Durack – Select Distinguished Club
    Young Guns – President’s Distinguished Club
    Roetoric – a new club in the last month

Will anybody else achieve President’s Distinguished Area Governor this year?

There are two possibilities.

Narayanan Rajaraman, I42 Area Governor, is very close. He requires 1 CC award and 1 AC award from the 4 clubs in his area. I know of the likelihood of that CC and AC being posted in the near future. So I am confident Narayanan will be our second President’s Distinguished Area Governor.

Gladys Lavell, P30 Area Governor, is a possibility. She requires another of her clubs to be Distinguished and two more CC awards. Can she make it?
Trackside needs 2 more new members to be Distinguished and then 1 more CC will make the club Select Distinguished.
Swan already has 1 CC and already is Select Distinguished. Another will give it 8 Goals.
Morning Star already has 2 CCs. It is Select Distinguished with 8 Goals. Another 2 CCs will get it to President’s Distinguished Club.

There appear to be no other Area Governors likely to be President’s Distinguished.

WA Membership disaster

Yes, the WA membership figures for 2008/09 are a disaster

I have prepared a full analysis which you can survey with gloomy understanding at the disaster page

What does the page of figures deal with?

This is an analysis of the membership situation in WA Clubs, Areas and Divisions, current to the latest figures from Toastmasters International on June 12

The brutal truth is that the year has really been a membership disaster.

Our credibility in the push for District WA has been damaged. Mike Helm and David Nicholas (sorry, that’s me) have propped up the membership figures in Innercity and Perth Divisions with 4 new clubs – shown in green on the page. That is why their overall Division figures are not as bad as Western.

How does this analysis help in any way?

OK. So, perhaps it is a disaster. Why don’t we hide our heads in shame and think of other things. We only have 3 weeks left for this year, so there is unlikely to be much significant change by June 30.

No! No! No! Let’s learn from it and do something about it in the new year. The page is aimed at our incoming Division and Area Governors.

Start planning now to be successful in 12 months time

This year is as good as over. There is no value in crying over spilt milk. Learn and act.

Make 2009/10 our best year ever

Come to District Officer Training
It’s on Saturday June 27. Apply what you learn
Attend both Club Officer Training sessions
They are on July 11 in Subiaco and July 16 in Fremantle. Make contact with your Club Officers
Hold regular Council Meetings
Make them at least every 3 months, starting in August
Identify strong and weak clubs in your Area or Division
Get the latest figures at the DCP report on this website
Work with the strong clubs to build up the CC and AC awards. Work with the weak clubs to strengthen their membership
Get help to go +1 with a new Club
Contact the District Lt Governor Marketing, Mark Richards, and the WA New Clubs Coordinator, David Nicholas

What do you think now you have looked at the disaster page? Is the analysis too extreme?
Is there a more favorable view of the raw figures?
What about the suggested program for the new year?
Have you an alternative plan?

Have your say. Add your contribution below.

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
Western Division Governor 2009/10

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