4 New Clubs in Perth

A bumper week for new Clubs in Perth

Yes, 4 new clubs have been registered at Toastmasters International between Friday May 15 and Thursday, May 21.
Here is a brief summary:

Club # Name Charter Date Founders Mentor(s)
1332936 Ovatalkers May 14 09 David Nicholas
Alan Smith
Narayanan Rajarman
Gladys Lavell
1334399 Roetoric May 15 09 David Nicholas
Mike Helm
Pascale Amberville-Colby
1320317 Plain Speakers May 18 09 Mike Helm
Alan Smith
Gay McNamara
Robyn Lloyd
1196041 East Perth May 20 09 Robyn Richards
Mark Richards
Mike Helm

There are other clubs on the way.

Bill Hewitt is confident Kalamunda will be chartered during June.

Ross Willkinson has been planning a club in Applecross and that should be underway in July or August.

We need more new clubs

Toastmasters is a growth organisation, so obviously we are working to expand our activities through new clubs.

Toastmasters WA

We are very close to approval for the proposal to form our own District in WA. We need to show momentum and numbers. These 4 new clubs maintain the momentum after our fantastic growth spurt last year and bring us up to 50 clubs in WA. 50 sounds so much stronger than 49 or 48. We are through that psychological barrier. Now we are driving along the home straight to 60 and beyond.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator