Area Governor protocols for 08/09?

What is the procedure for electing/appointing Area Governors for 2008/09?

The standard procedure will not work when 2 Divisions are combined and reconstituted into 3.

In the standard procedure current Area Governors ask Clubs and members in their Area for nominations for the coming year. If only one qualified nomination is received, that person is appointed. If 2 or more nominations come in the Area Governor holds an Area Council Meeting to conduct an election. If no nominations are received the District Governor is left with the responsibility of finding the incoming Area Governor.

I have prepared a page which sets out the new structure in a much more user friendly style than previous lists. Have a look at WA Toastmasters in 2008/09.

The standard procedure wont work this time

For example, look at new Area W16. The 4 Clubs are

Foothills – was in W28
Successful – was in W21
Southsiders – was in W21
Canning Vale – was or is in W28

Which Area Governor is responsible for finding a new Area Governor for W16?
Judith Allen? the current W16 Governor with no clubs from her current W16
Ross Wilkinson? current W28 Governor
Steve Barry? current W21 Governor
None of these?

Judith has been busy finding a Governor for P30 which now contains the clubs that were formerly in W16. Michael Malone is the current P30 Governor. Presumeably he is busy looking for a Governor for new I1, which contains most of the clubs currently in P30.

I’m not attacking the new structure. There are very good reasons why W16 clubs have moved into P30 and P30 clubs have moved into I1. Judith and Michael have an easy job in identifying their target clubs. However as I have shown in the new W16 it is combination of 2 clubs from W21 and 2 from W28. Ross and Steve can be relied on to work cooperatively here, since they both belong to Fremantle Gateway and Cannington Communicators, but their cooperation has little connection with the standard procedures.

My suggestion is that the District Governor supervises a non-standard solution to individual cases which need it. The new P20 stands out in this regard – 3 clubs, all from different current areas, plus a club which wont be chartered by June 30. There are other situations with somewhat less complex origins, particularly in our new Innercity Division.

Whatever is done, has to be done quickly, so that we have Area Governors in place for District Officer Training on Saturday, June 28.

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  1. Avatar for Mike Helm Mike Helm says:

    The call to clubs for nominees for the new structure will stand. We can then negotiate with nominees the appropriate appointment for them. The most important thing is that all our members have had a chance to put up their hand for the position of Area Governor. Historically, Area Council elections are not needed. At the end of the day, the District Governor has the power to appoint Area Governors if the circumstancers require.

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    And that’s the best approach.

    The reality is that we will be struggling to get 11 nominees for Area Governors this year. It’s a price we pay for our rapid expansion. We are fortunate the current District Governor comes from WA and has on the ground experience of our current and soon to be current Areas.

  3. Avatar for Bill Hewitt Bill Hewitt says:

    Storm in a teacup!!! David the current DG’s have notified AGs and they have sent the notice to club Presidents. We just need the current AGs to follow up with Presidents and trust that there are some very keen Toastmasters who will put their hand up to experience a very rewarding role!!!

    Anyone in the Perth Division, Area 10,20 and 30 who wishes to nominate please let Gil know your name as soon as possible. We will have a great year!!!!

  4. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Yes, Bill, the DGs have notified AGs and perhaps they have sent the notice to Club Presidents.

    But I belong to one of the more active clubs in WA and my Club President hasn’t given me the notice, nor announced it at our recent club meetings, including last Wednesday night.

    I think the leadership group in WA, if there is one, needs to be much more actively involved in this. I will be putting a proposal to that effect when I have some time this afternoon, Friday.

  5. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    I believe that the Western Area Gov’s have put out notices to all Areas in the Western Div. We have already filled all of the Area Governor roles in the West. We are just waiting to see if there are any more nominees to challenge the already filled spots.
    Hope that clears things up in the Western division.
    Mark Richards,
    Western Division governor 2007/08

  6. Avatar for Charles Fisher Charles Fisher says:

    Hi David

    Sounds okay to me. I understand that the Area Governor positions for Areas in Perth Division have not yet been filled.

    I think many Toastmasters are reluctant to nominate for this position as they aren’t quite sure what it involves.

    Maybe there could be some information placed on the WA Toastmasters website about the role of Area Governor.



  7. Avatar for Bernard Marmion Bernard Marmion says:


    The discussion over the appointment of Area Governors is a storm in a tea cup
    There are two ways of appointment
    1 By election at the area council level
    2 By appointment: This has been the way we have traditionaly carried out the selection of Area Governors.Members are nominated by the club, area and division and on most occasions the person is elected. Occcasionally there may be two people standing. I am about to rlease a policy to the disctrict executive that will clarify the situation. clarify yhe the situation.

  8. Avatar for Mike Helm Mike Helm says:

    David, in response to your posting of 30th May, I have a feeling there is a leadership group in WA. At my last count, all we required for WA were two Area Governors in Inner City and I am sure Ian Pickens will have made progress there. Cheers, Mike

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